The Four Pillars of Online Success

Build, Attract, Convert, Optimize

We recently posted what we refer to as our "Four Pillars of Online Success" in our What We Do section of our website. This is hugely important to us as this is how we see creating the best online success for our clients and partners.


Our old "What We Do" section was set up in three sections... Web Design, Web Development and Internet Marketing. And that's how many good web consultancies and agencies offer their services. However, we didn't feel that segmenting our work into these categories really captured the correct approach for where our company is and more importantly where we are going.

4 PillarsOur Four Pillars concept for online success:
. We don't feel that we are 'just' web designers, web developers and Internet marketers (and that's not a knock against web designers, developers & marketers).

Often times a web designer might be construed as a "builder of widgets". For example, setting up a WordPress blog or a Facebook page. We do that work but we feel there is often more strategic thinking and analysis required before you jump in and build something if you truly want to create online success; even for a small business that thinks they just need a website and a Facebook page, often because that's what their friends or competitors have!

We are focused on the PROCESS of building and maintaining SUSTAINABLE online businesses that succeed.

Creating a Relevant, Clear Concept of Our Work

I should note that we didn't 'invent' this concept. We were inspired by HubSpot and other companies that are toting the relatively new concept of inbound marketing. HubSpot has developed a software application that is built around the Attraction, Conversion and Analysis model. (We aren't using their software but we really like their approach.)

Moving to showing our work in a functional layout (BUILD, ATTRACT, CONVERT & OPTIMIZE) is really more about what we are about. Our team have been in a lot of discussion recently about the direction of our business: what we do, how we do it, how we need to differentiate ourselves and what Custom Fit Online really "is". And we think we have had some successful navel gazing!

Once we finally got to the BUILD, ATTRACT, CONVERT & OPTIMIZE concept it was like a light went on for our team. It was like "Yeah... that's really what we do". We aren't assemblers of widgets. We're strategists first, and tacticians second. We're not just interested in building a WordPress blog, then a Facebook page for our clients.

USP Build

Web Design | Logos & Brand ID | Content Management Systems | Ecommerce | Mobile

USP Attract

SEO | Blogging / Copywriting | Social Media | Content Marketing | Paid Advertising

USP Convert

Calls-to-Action / Landing Pages | Email Marketing | Lead Nuturing & Marketing Automation

USP Optimize

Web Analytics / Digital Data Collection | Analysis & Action Plans

We first want to survey the situation and look at the best strategy and approach for our clients' long-term success before we just jump in and 'assemble' something. Maybe WordPress or Facebook is the right approach, but maybe it isn't. Maybe a CMS is required and WordPress may or may not be the best selection for our clients' needs. How does the CMS affect the attraction and conversion steps of the process? How one uses a blog or social media channels and how often is just as important more important than developing these type of marketing channels. Is Facebook the best approach or would spending more time in LinkedIN be more effective? How can these tactics be measured? When we look at the BUILD, ATTRACT, CONVERT & OPTMIZE model this quite clearly helps us with making better decisions that benefits our clients, people they report to and their end customers.

Putting the Parts Together - We're Excited

One might argue that this concept is a subtle change in how we offer or present our work. And maybe it is but this concept has really galvanized our team as to what we need to do to offer continued success for our clients.

We're working away at continually refining and improving this process. It means adding some more services and applications to our 'tool belt'. For example, we have been refining the integration of CRM systems to our forms, adding applications that allow us to build custom calls-to-action and landing pages 'on-the-fly', and improving on one of our existing strengths, web analytics, by revamping our reporting process.

So... What Do You Think?

The Four Pillars of Online Success

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Why not slide over to our "What We Do" page now, then come back here and let us know what YOU think of this approach by using the comment form below. Is this a clear concept to grasp... or not? Does presenting our services in the BUILD, ATTRACT, CONVERT & OPTIMIZE model make any difference to you vs. presenting our work as Web Design, Web Development or Internet Marketing? Is this an improvement? We would love to get your feedback!

Roy McClean
Aug 07, 2012
By Roy McClean

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