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If you do business online, using digital and web analytics is not an option to succeeding. It's absolutely necessary.

What's Happening with Your Web Traffic?

We only use best-in-class tools and applications to measure online traffic and behaviour whether it's your desktop website, mobile site, application, social media channel, shopping cart or more. Some measurement applications include:

  • 'click-stream' data such as Google Analytics, KISSMetrics & Adobe Marketing Cloud / Site Catalyst that shows what people are doing; what pages are visited, for how long, how they got there, and which content or campaigns are working.... or not
  • email marketing data such as open rates, click-through rates and engagement
  • listening tools, such as HootSuite, Google Alerts and Social Mention, to measure social media interactions and judge the sentiment of these interactions
  • survey applications such as Qualaroo & SurveyGizmo to get at the 'why' of your visitors' online actions.

Digital Analytics Tools

'Key Performance Indicators' for Better Decision Making

We then develop "key performance indicators", also known as KPIs, to measure some of the most important metrics required to determine the health of your online performance. Think of this like measuring your heart rate, pulse, blood pressure and cholesterol numbers.

We use tools to place this data into dashboards that makes the monitoring of this data easier for both us and you! And yes, you have full access to all of your analytics data.

Putting Over 15 Years of Certified, Proven Analysis to Work

It's one thing to know the numbers. It's another thing to make sense of them so that this data can be acted upon in a positive manner. We then apply critical analysis to this data. For example, what campaign is resulting in sales and what isn't or what content is engaging visitors.

UBC Web AnalyticsWe are graduates of the University of British Columbia web analytics program graduating in the 1st year of the programs' existence. We continue to constantly update our skills and experience.

The data and analysis developed is put into an action plan. We then delegate actions to our team and / or provide you with information to make the right decisions and take the right actions to improve your online presence.

What’s Next?

We would be delighted to help you out with our expertise. So what’s next? You may be interested in learning more about who we are, reading the many articles of our blog, or getting in contact with us.

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