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The Community Foundation of Whistler is a wonderful local organization that manages donations as long term investments in the community, supporting grants and local charities year after year.



Visits Increase


Pageviews Increase


Engagement Increase


Mobile + Tablet Traffic Increase

Source: Google Analytics - comparing site launch to Jan. 20, 2014 vs. same amount of time before launch

We were thrilled when CFoW approached us a while ago to get them going on their brand realignment. We held some big discussions about their values and their new audience base. They were looking for something truly fresh and energized, something vibrant and reflective of the Whistler community. It was nice to get a clear direction that wasn't merely "clean." We really got to know the organization, and understanding what it is exactly that makes them tick.

Community Foundation of Whistler Responsive Web Design

The site is built responsively, meaning it looks good on any device you choose to view it on. Responsive web design is the new default for websites -- if it's not responsive, it ain't good enough. But to further this idea, we built the site mobile first: we started small, emphasizing content, linear navigation, and on collapsing or otherwise toggle less important information. As our browsers got bigger, we added more features, more decoration, more spiffy twirling doodads. But we always built on top of the basic structure set in the beginning.

The results are a site with a clear path of direction with strong calls-to-action, an intelligent content hierarchy, and a design that is loved by both client and user.

A Client Since 2013

The Community Foundation of Whistler is a relatively new client for us. We have worked with several of the Foundation's Board members on their business websites. And those established relationships aided in the good fortune of working with this marvelous community organization. Stay tuned. More good things are to come for CFoW!

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