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Chamber of Commerce Responsive Web Design & Development


Custom Fit Online had originally built the Pemberton & District Chamber of Commerce website, but come 2014, it was in dire need of a redesign. We worked with the PCC staff to work out a new efficient and capable website that was redesigned for a modern user. We created a new colour palette, designed a flexible grid and layout system, and coupled it with lovely typography that emphasized their written content.

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A Client Since 1998

We love Pemberton; it is an amazing and vibrant community that we are proud to call home. We have been actively working closely with Pemberton & District Chamber of Commerce since 1998. We continue to provide content creation and marketing, web development support, and social media marketing.

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Pemberton Museum

The Pemberton Museum (Pemberton and District Museum and Archives Society) "collects, preserves, and displays artifacts connected with the human history of Pemberton and District." The Pemberton area has such a rich history, and it is epitomized by the wealth of treasures kept in the archives of the museum.

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Tyax Lodge & Heliskiing had an outdated website was not adhering to best practices of SEO, and the design was not made for converting users.

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