5 Free Tools to Create Your Own Infographic

Infographics are the perfect way to visually display your information to an audience. The rise of infographics has been happening for awhile a now and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. It’s a great way to get people to actually read data. The amount of information you can process visually is much higher than you can process textually. This not only gets your data out there but helps people better understand what you’re trying to illustrate.

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With all the amazing online tools now, it’s easy for anybody to create an infographic. Most of these tools are free and simple to use, even for people without any design knowledge. Take a look at these 5 programs you can use to make your own infographic right now!


easel.ly lives up to it’s name and allows you to build an infographic pretty easily. Select from over a dozen free templates, pick one you like, and start customizing it. You can choose from a variety of fonts, shapes, colours, arrows, lines, and more to create your infographic. Or upload your own icons and graphics to easel.ly to make your infographic more unique. Best part? It’s free to get started and only $3 a month for the Pro Account if you like it.


If you’ve tried using free online tools for design, you’ve probably heard about Canva. This simple to navigate but powerful tool can handle all sorts of graphic design projects – posters, videos, social media graphics, promotions, reports, and more. Canva comes equip with a bunch of free templates to use or work off of that make it easy for anybody to create something professional looking.

You may not have known that Canva also features an infographic creator. Browse through dozens of free templates, hundreds of design elements, and a vast collection of fonts and features to make your own infographic. Canva is definitely worth checking out if you want to create a high-quality infographic fast.


Venngage is another free online design tool that comes with templates for a range of projects, including infographics. Venngage delves more into specific topics of infographics, allowing you to choose from categories, such as; statistical, informational, process, comparison, timeline, geographic, charts, and tutorials. A cool feature about this tool is it allows you to insert widgets, which are elements like charts or maps, based on the custom info you want in your infographic.


Piktochart lets to choose from several different formats for building your own infographic. Decide between traditional size, presentation size, poster size, or report and begin turning your data into a visually engaging infographic. Choose a template or start right from scratch using Piktochart’s custom editor to modify fonts and colours, insert graphics, and upload images. The free version of Piktochart offers you three basic themes but to really harness the power of Piktochart you’ll want to sign up for either their Lite or Pro Plan.


Slightly different from the other infographic builders, Visualize.me helps you visualize your resume by making it into an infographic. Connect your LinkedIn account with Visualize.me to automatically add some content to your new resume. After that you can choose a theme and fill in other information you want to be on your infographic resume. If you’re looking for a quick way to spruce up your resume this is both fast and free.

Create Your Own Infographic

5 Free Tools to Create Your Own Infographic

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Sometimes the best way to get something done right is by doing it yourself. While building an infographic from scratch may not be the quickest way it allows you much more freedom while creating. If you have the right tools, such as the Adobe Suite or similar programs, building your own infographic might work really well for you. Hand drawing infographics is also an option for those with a knack for illustration. Illustrated infographics often stand out from the pack with their homemade charm, so don’t worry about making it perfect.

I would suggest taking a look at some free templates to start from if you’ve never worked on an infographic before. Also, take some time to browse other infographics and make notes about why they work or don’t work. This will help you identify how you want to make infographic and give you some inspiration. You can check out this list of free infographic templates and get started building your own infographic now!

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Harlen Malkowich
Aug 02, 2017
By Harlen Malkowich

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