Free Icon Resources for Designers

Finding icons for your next design project doesn’t have to be a hassle with the wealth of free online resources available today. Don’t waste your time redesigning the wheel when you could be using that productivity on the things that matter!

Check out this collection of 16 free icon libraries:

Free Icons Digital Nomad

Digital Nomad Icons

Are you looking for some fun travel and lifestyle icons? Choose from 25 high-resolution flat icons with lovely pastel colours.

Feather Icons

Toted as “simply beautiful open source icons”, Feather Icons has over 280 icons all designed using a 24x24 grid. These simple line art icons focus on being consistent and readable.


Select icons from popular sites such as Fontelico, Font Awesome, Entypo, and much more. Click and drag to highlight huge swaths of icons and then download them all with a press of a button.


Discover more than 4400 free icons, both thin and bold, in 300+ collections on Iconmonstr.

Icon Store

Browse a colourful library of free vector icons designed by “first-class designers” for personal and commercial projects.

Free Icons SVG Colourizer


Automatically change the colour palette of an SVG icon pack while keeping the shades, highlights, and shadows intact. Great for tailoring your icons to match a website colour scheme.


Quick customizable icons perfect for a variety of design projects. Change colours, stroke width, size, joins, and ends to your specific project needs!


Over 91,000 free PNG & SVG icons in a plethora of different graphic styles – Cute Colours, Doodle, iOS, Pastel, and tons more visual options.

😀 Free Icon Resources for Designers 😜

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Fully customisable and accessible vector icons which come without all the useless code that can bog down the performance of your website.


Completely open-source, expertly crafted icons that work great for the web, iOS, Android, and desktop apps.

Material Icons Library

A free collection of 1000+ icons which are compatible with Photoshop, Sketch App, Figma, SVG, Invision Studio, and Adobe XD.


An app to collect, customize, and organize all your precious icons. Plus, a library of 28,000+ icons all on your Mac or Windows desktop.

Free Icons Simple Brands SVG

Simple Icons

No more searching Google Images for app logos just use Simple Icons to find popular brand icons in SVG format – all for free!

Share Icon

Over 300,000 icons in different formats including colourful vectors and simple line art designs.


An open-source emoji library from Twitter which is perfect for your next emoji project.


Free vector icons with new packs added every 10 days!

Harlen Malkowich
Oct 25, 2019
By Harlen Malkowich

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