Be More Productive With These 14 Time Management Tips

Time management isn’t always the easiest thing, but it’s important to do if you’re going to be productive during the day. Procrastination can be a real problem for some people, so it’s important to try and battle this in any way possible. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you manage your time and stay productive during the work day!


Get Up Early

Getting a head start on the day is the best way to keep yourself on track for the day. Wake up early, have breakfast, and get a couple of hours of work done before the sun rises. Having a full day to complete projects is an excellent way to stay on top of your schedule.

Do Important Tasks First

Figure out the most important or hardest projects and tasks in your day or week and get those done first. Finishing hard tasks gets them out of the way and allows you to focus on your easier projects without stressing about having a hard job at the end of your day.

Turn Off Your Phone

While phones are becoming increasingly more important for business, they can also be a significant distraction. It’s hard to shut your phone off for the whole day but continually checking for texts, calls, or emails can delay your productivity. Try setting a time during the day where you shut your phone down for a couple of hours and focus purely on the task at hand.

Break Up The Day

It can be hard to stay focused if you’re doing the same thing for 8 hours a day. It’s important to take breaks throughout the day to refresh your brain and avoid weariness. Try spending a few minutes listening to music between projects or get up, stretch, and grab yourself a new hot beverage. Even just resting your eyes for a few minutes after you finish a project and start another can help break up a monotonous day and keep you attentive.

Use Timers

Break up your day into manageable chunks using a timer. Set 30 or 40 minutes on the clock and work non-stop until it’s done. Section a long day into smaller segments can be a helpful way to avoid feeling too overwhelmed with work.

Spend Time On Things You Like

Not everybody is doing exactly what they want to do during their workday, and sometimes that can be draining. During your breaks from work, try working on something that you enjoy, spend 15 minutes creating a new drawing, write a few paragraphs of that novel you’re authoring, or start a magazine collage. Taking the time to work on things that make you feel creative, accomplished, or bring you joy is a terrific way to stay motivated during the day.

Eat Healthy & Drink Water

While throwing something in the microwave might be fast, it’s not a very healthy source of fuel for your body. Eating good can help you feel better and make both your mind and body operate better. It’s also important to stay hydrated, keep a water bottle with you and try not to overdo it on the coffee! 

Get A Good Sleep

Staying up late and waking up early is not a good way to squeeze a couple more hours out of the day. Getting a good 7 or 8-hour sleep allows your mind and body to rest and regenerate so you can be in good shape for tomorrow. Stay well rested, and you won’t run the risk of becoming too bleary-eyed the next day.

Just Do It

Yes, the Nike slogan. Sometimes waiting for the right mood to start a project won’t work. Getting hung up on small details or not knowing where to start can waste lots of your precious time. Instead of delaying the task, just dive into the project and start working. Once you get the majority complete, you can always revise details later.

Use Lists

Write out a list at the beginning of the day of things you want to get done and cross them off as you go. This can help you feel your accomplishments by physically crossing-off tasks throughout the day. 

Take It One Step At A Time

Making large lists is an easy way to overwhelm yourself before you even start. You should make sure to take it step by step, don’t stress about the collective tasks, focus on one and then move onto the next once you're done.

Get Outside

Being cooped up at home, in the office, or at a coffee shop, all week can get frustrating. It’s important to get outdoors and be physical each week. Going for a daily jog can help clear your mind, boost energy levels, and make you feel better!

Work On Weekends

One way to lessen your weekly workload it to work on the weekends. Sleep in, wake up slow, and then spend a few hours on Saturday or Sunday catching up on work or getting ahead for next week. Plus, slipping in a couple of hours of work on a weekend still gives you plenty of free time to enjoy. 

Rest & Relax

Check Out These 14 Time Management & Productivity Tips!

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Working constantly can wear you down mentally and physically, that’s why it’s vital to find time to relax in your busy schedule. Spending time relaxing at the beach or with your family are great ways to slow down the constant rush of the work week and make sure you're refreshed and ready for next week.

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Harlen Malkowich
Nov 23, 2017
By Harlen Malkowich

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