Boost Your Productivity This Fall

The days are getting shorter and the temperature colder. It becomes more and more tempting to hibernate at any chance you can get. While the easy solution may seem to be doubling your coffee intake in order to stay alert at your desk, there are a number of small things you can do stave off drowsiness, and be motivated for your day ahead. Here are a few tips:

Boost Productivity in the Fall

Exercise in a Way That Suits You

Too often people are told to “go to the gym”. But exercise is a very personal thing. To some people, it is aqua-yoga – to others it is swimming technically-perfect laps. Some like to take a mid-paced walk, others like to trail run. Find your happy place. In a great piece of writing from years ago, Mireille Guiliano, author of the best-selling health and wellness book, French Women Don’t Get Fat, encourages people to do small things to get in shape instead of “big things” like joining a gym. Easy fitness: park half a kilometre from work and walk in every morning and evening. Take the stairs and stay away from the elevator. Little things add up. If you can do small things instead of being the person who drives their car to the gym, works out (all the while hating it) and drives home, you’ll be ahead. The person who combines utility with exercise is going to win the fitness game in the long run.

Add Some Protein to Your Meals

While it may be tempting at this time of year to go carb-crazy – particularly in the morning when the sky is pitch black – at least do it in conjunction with some protein. A couple of poached eggs (or one) is an easy way to do this. Jazz it up with some vegan hollandaise sauce, and you can have a “weekend” gourmet treat on a weekday.

Another option is to follow good paleo recipes which are high in protein, and grain-free. Danielle Walker is a paleo chef based out of San Francisco, and her recipes are sophisticated and delicious. The wonderful thing about Danielle is that she has managed to be one of the few paleo chefs to make paleo breakfasts appealing. Not many paleo followers want to load up on eggs morning after morning. But thanks to Danielle, her readers can feast on gourmet oat-free granola that actually tastes as good as the traditional version. Another gem is her paleo oatmeal which is particularly welcome on dark, cold, fall mornings. And for weekends, try her paleo waffles which will blow your mind in their authenticity to the waffles you grew up with. Her protein-rich recipes will keep you alert.

Some Like It Hot

Boost Your Productivity This Fall

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Yes, coffee for many is an indispensable basic, but vary it. Mix up your hot bevvies with rooibos tea, or simply fresh mint leaves in hot water. This works best after you’ve reached your “coffee limit” but still want to sip something hot mid-morning.

Beat the fall energy slump with these tips and you’ll be as productive as you need to be!

Want Some More Productivity Tips?

Check out this wonderful video titled "The Science of Productivity" by AsapSCIENCE.

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Erica Osburn
Oct 12, 2017
From the Custom Fit Online team

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