LightBox: An Easy 2D Animation Program

In the growing age of video, it can be hard to stay on top of all the tools and programs out there. Being able to create quick animation or videos is becoming more and more of an invaluable skill in today's online market. However, learning complex new programs for editing and rendering can take up much of your valuable time, and that’s where LightBox comes into play.

LightBox Animation Software

At its core, LightBox is a simple 2D, hand-drawn animation program with incredible ease of use. The animation software is simple in design which produces an enjoyable user experience. Quit wrestling with software and tools you don’t know how to use and get right to the drawing in LightBox.

Taking its name from classic animation techniques of using a lightbox and multiple pages of drawings, LightBox packs a punch. It may not be the tool for hammering out highly detailed animations or instruction videos, but it's great for storyboarding. Sketch out your ideas and watch them come to life in a matter of minutes. Share your creations with your colleagues and friends and then send them off to be animated or bring them to life yourself!

LightBox CFO Test Animation

LightBox is only in its beta right now and is still being tweaked and developed by Thinko Computer Entertainment Studio in New York and Poland. Beta versions of anything always have questions swirling around them; are the developers going to finish the software? Is it worth getting yet? What is it for? I’m not worried about these questions at all with LightBox. While the beta could maybe use a few more tools, it already feels like a finished product!

LightBox: An Easy 2D Animation Program

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While LightBox does feel simple, it employs some of the most useful animation tools excellently. You can quickly set up custom numbers of onion skins and promptly render to MP4, GIF, and PNG formats. The tools you have in LightBox right now are limited. You’ve got your standard pen and eraser, and that’s about it. Yet, somehow this limited toolbox is perfect for LightBox.

It is highly recommended you use LightBox with a Wacom drawing tablet because drawing with a computer mouse get old fast!

You can download and learn more about LightBox for yourself on the official website – Use LightBox.

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Harlen Malkowich
Aug 03, 2018
By Harlen Malkowich

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