How to Amp Up Your Work Routine for Summer

Summer is here and for those who find staying on task with work piling up. Hard when the sun is shining…fear not. Here are some quick tips for an optimal summer routine, both within the office and in the great outdoors.

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It’s Time to De-Clutter and Simplify

When outside is full of bird calls, sunshine, and fragrant blooms, the last thing you might feel like doing is decluttering. But that is exactly what is needed to stay productive through the summer months. Nothing feels and looks better than a streamlined workspace. Plow through the inbox and get rid of things that are hanging around that are no longer pertinent to your tasks at hand. Organizing experts say that paper is one of the worst culprits of excess clutter. Tackle it!

Keep the Spring in Your Step and Your Brain Alert with High Protein Snacks

It is easy to doze off in the middle of the afternoon if you have to tackle a project that should have been finished last week. The best way to get back on track is to avoid carbs in the afternoon and stick to snacks that offer a burst of energy, such as these amazing energy balls that include a brain-enhancing dose of healthy fats (with a zing of dark chocolate to combat the afternoon lull). Load up on nuts, seeds and water to keep your thinking fresh and the work load moving!

Exercise: Break it Up!

Some people think a long bike ride, an hour at the gym or a gruelling run is the only way to workout. Fear not! Breaking up exercise into manageable chunks can turn “breaking a sweat” into “don’t sweat it”. Break up your exercise throughout the day. A brisk walk here, a short cycle there, etc. Take the stairs, not the elevator. Skip the parking spot next the supermarket and walk a block. The little things add up and…voila! You’ve reached your exercise goal for the day.

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A Little Outdoor Zen can Rev Up Your Office Firepower

You’ve heard it before: mindfulness is a proven factor in ensuring a productive work life. Take that advice and head outdoors to a quiet place. A waterfall, a mountain meadow full of wildflowers, a meandering river. In summer, the opportunities to find a quiet place to be in the moment are endless. Pressing the “pause button” on monkey-mind can do wonders to a stalemate with a workplace problem or figuring out your life and work goals for the next year, or five…or ten! So, take ten (at least) for yourself.

How to Amp Up Your Work Routine for Summer

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Keep Your Eye on the Prize

If Fall is your busy season, then keep your eye on your deadlines now. It might be easy and tempting to put off the small tasks in the hot summer months, but with careful planning you can be ready to step into Fall with the tick boxes checked on both tasks and fun. Summer goes fast. Make the most of it!

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Erica Osburn
Jun 22, 2018
From the Custom Fit Online team

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