5 Tools to Keep Your Digital Workspace Organized

Keeping your workspace organized while you’re on a computer is an essential aspect of being a productive online worker. It can be easy to get bombarded with tabs, apps, and programs that clutter your screen while you’re working but optimizing your digital workspace can help. Take control of how you view your browsers, organize your ideas, and work in the digital world with these five tools!

Digital Workspace - Screen Organization App


Do you ever get tired of switching back and forth between browser tabs on a Mac? Well, Magnet can help save you time and keep your digital workspace tidy. Magnet allows you to organize your workspace by snapping windows into tiles on your screen. Compare text, images, and more without having to click between screens every time. This simple concept can be a huge time-saver for many of your daily online tasks plus it can get rid of some of those pesky tabs.

Google Keep

Keep both your computer desktop and your actual desk clean by organizing your notes with Google Keep. I enjoy writing on notepads and scrap papers as much as the next guy, but it can get unruly quick. Google Keep can be installed on your phone and computer making it great for jotting down ideas on the go and having them synced to your laptop for later. Google Keep comes with some powerful features, including; voice memos, transcribing text from images, drawing on photos, and more that can help streamline your digital workspace.

Digital Workspace - Freedom App


Nothing declutters your workspace quite like blocking it off completely. Sometimes the constant alerts and notifications can get you sidetracked from your work. With Freedom, you can stay focused on the task at hand by blocking the sites and apps that distract you. Set a timer and say goodbye to Facebook, Twitter, or whatever other sites that suck time and muddies up your workday.

Google Backup & Sync

Keep your desktop clean and your files safe with Google Backup & Sync. If you’ve got images or files on multiple devices, you need a reliable way to transfer them, and that’s precisely what Google’s new Backup and Sync feature does. Still new to the scene, Backup and Sync could soon be rivalling with top cloud services as it boasts impressive features and ease of functionality.

Organize Your Digital Workspace With These 5 Tools

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However, Backup and Sync has a 15 GB cap due for free accounts which leaves users with the option of paying for more storage or being selective with what you back up.


There are lots of note-taking apps and other online tools that can help you stay organized, but sometimes it takes a more old-school approach – whiteboards. Keep your work area clean of scribble paper, visualize your idea for a whole team, write a to-do list, brainstorm, jot down information, and erase it all at the end of the day. Whiteboards provide a place for your daily ideas to live and breathe before they either make it to paper or get wiped away.

Harlen Malkowich
May 25, 2018
By Harlen Malkowich

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