Stop Procrastinating Playlist

We all procrastinate from time to time.

It’s easy to put things off until the last minute or when we feel ready. Sometimes the problem is getting into the mood, so I’ve put together a quick 18-minute playlist to help get you in the zone and kick your procrastination problem.

I Can’t Sleep at Night - Dirty Fences

Start your day with a fast-paced ode to your terrible sleeping patterns. The catchy hook repeated throughout the song will probably have you singing ‘i can’t sleep at night’ all day. Plus if you have to get up early in the morning, sleep is an easy scapegoat for your procrastination. Confront it with a little song, a big cup of coffee and keep on moving!

The Middle - Jimmy Eat World

Now that we’ve gotten over our sleep anxiety, it’s time to start looking towards the rest of the day. This middle school classic comes with an upbeat guitar riff and positive lyrics that are sure to keep you goin’. ‘’The Middle’ is full of reassuring lyrics such as the first verse – ‘Don't write yourself off yet, It's only in your head you feel left out or looked down on, Just try your best, Try everything you can’.

Feel Good Inc. - DARENOTS

The DARENOTS fresh melodic take of Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz will have you bobbing your head, singing along, and feeling good. You've got to feel good if you want to be productive!

🛑 Stop Procrastinating Playlist 🎵

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Be Bold Like Elijah - IRONTOM

When it comes to beating procrastination, you have to be bold. I’m not exactly sure who Elijah is, but I often find myself trying to be as bold as him.

Sigh on a Hurricane - Himalayas

Fast-paced, upbeat, and catchy, are you starting to see the pattern here? These probably aren’t the best songs for working or writing to, but they’re meant to get you up and moving!

Gotta Get Thru This - Daniel Bedingfield

‘I gotta get through this. I gotta get through this’. Has there ever been a more appropriate phrase for the feeling of procrastination? Hopefully, this bouncy song has got you moving and your mind on one thing - I’ve gotta get thru this!

Don’t Wanna / Let’s Do It - GFOTY

This chaotic jam feels a bit like a bipolar person arguing with themselves. ‘I don’t wanna do it’ says one, while the other yells ‘let’s do it’. It feels all too real when battling procrastination. I also intentionally picked a pretty annoying song to end the playlist, so you’d stop listening. Quit procrastinating!

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Harlen Malkowich
Nov 23, 2018
By Harlen Malkowich

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