8 Ways to Help Cure Your Writers Block

Writer’s block is all too real for a lot of us. If you’re in the business of writing and creating weekly content, you’ll know it will happen everyone at some point.

Cure to Writers block

Luckily, writers' block has an antidote, and it’s usually easier than you think. So, here are eight effective ways to cure your writers' block and start creating some content.

Loosen Up with some Free Writing

Getting into the mood to write isn’t an easy thing to do. Warming up your mind by free writing is an excellent way to start your creative flow. Grab yourself a pen, some, paper, and a timer. Set your timer for 3 - 5 minutes and write whatever comes to mind. Write continuously until the timer ends and repeat until you feel ready to write.

Use Old Content for Ideas

Go through your old blog posts and find pieces of content you like and expand on them. Flesh out your favourite points to create another unique piece of material that can be linked to from the original inspiration content.

Talk to a Friend

Getting an additional perspective on an idea can help you come up with relevant information when you’re writing content. Ask your friends what they think about a subject or learn about what they’re interested in to find bloggable topics you may have never thought about.

Write in Chunks or Make Lists

Breaking your writing into chunks is a great way not to get tired of your subject or discouraged about your word count. Reading large blocks of text can be intimidating for some viewers. Separate your main points into different paragraphs with titles to encourage audience readability. Creating numbered lists is also an easy way to make your content more accessible to readers in a rush.

Try Working Somewhere Else

If you always work from home, try going somewhere outside your comfort zone to write. Spending some time writing in a public place, such as a library or coffee shop, can spur your creative juices. At the very least, it might make you want to finish your writing quickly so you can back head.

Start an Idea Notebook

Start a notebook or note file on your phone to save ideas that come to you when you’re away from the office. Then, if you ever need a content subject, you can look back through your notes as a personal idea resource.

If you’re prone to getting most inspired when you’re not at your computer, you should check out the Google Keep note-taking app. Google Keep lets you snap photos, sketch drawings, type notes, and everything else you need on your phone to illustrate your thoughts or ideas for later.

Try Reading Something

Reading and writing go hand-in-hand, so why not cure your writers' block by reading something. Visit your local library and check out a new book or just read some of your favourite blogs online. Not only is reading a break from the looming task of writing, but it’s also an endless source of inspiration for your own content.

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Don’t Write. Do Something Else

What’s the point of sitting in front of a blank screen or notepad when you can’t write? Nothing, go do something else. Clearing your head, changing your scenery, exercising, or just putting down your project of a minute can be super helpful in the long run. Trying to force yourself to write or be creative can often be a futile endeavour that wastes more time than it saves. Take a 20-minute break and get back to business with a fresh outlook. Just don’t forget you’ll have to get that writing done eventually!

Harlen Malkowich
Oct 26, 2018
By Harlen Malkowich

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