5 Ways to Make Your Writing Stand Out from Your Competitors

It’s easy to write a blog post or article promoting your product or service, but if you don’t write quality content, then you won’t get the results you want. The goal is to add value for your readers and potential customers, and for your words to be shared, Tweeted, and make an impact! Here are some great ways to make your writing pop out and get shared, and ultimately be useful for others.

5 great writing tips

Make Your Headline Intriguing – But Don’t Deceive Your Readers!

Your headline should stand out from the rest, and there are articles that list the most engaging social media headlines. This can help you craft a headline that will attract attention. However, do not be tempted to craft a “click-baity” headline and then not deliver on the information you promised in the body of your article or blog post. This will turn off your readers and you will lose any loyalty you have built with them. Some bloggers suggest writing your headline first and then write your article flowing from that – which may keep you, the writer, from straying from your intended deliverables.

Appeal to Your Readers’ Emotions

Studies have shown that the articles with headlines that get attention and are shared heavily are those that appeal to readers’ emotions. Another feature is that the content has an element of surprise. So, while you don’t want to mislead your readers, there are definitely ways you can change your wording to incorporate these elements, if you put some thought and time into it!

5 Great Ways to Make Your Writing Stand Out from Your Competitors!

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Use Power Words Throughout Your Article

Great writing needs to have words that appeal to the reader. There are lists of power words you can use, and your job is to pepper them throughout your article. Studies have shown that using these words result in content that is viewed more favourably, shared more, and persuasive.

Get Rid of Useless Words That Drag Your Article Down

As with any type of writing, keep it economical. Don’t add a lot of superfluous words that don’t need to be there. For example, “The beaches in the Maldives are very pristine.” Take out the “very”. Keep it tight – as the professional writer would say.

Lose the Typos!

It goes without saying that an article with errors in it will be tossed out by readers immediately. Make sure you are checking every sentence for structure, typos, and grammatical errors. The content could be life-changing to your readers but if it’s riddled with errors, no one will want to continue. Who wants to lose credibility on such a basic issue? Spell checking software is not enough – you need to read through your work several times. Another tip is to read backwards. This will force you to slow down and read word by word.

Follow these simple tips and you will have content that will be valued and shared – winning you new readers and more clients!

Erica Osburn
Feb 09, 2018
From the Custom Fit Online team

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