Need-to-Know SEO Trends for 2017

SEO 2017 - Video

Google makes 100's of updates to the search algorithm every year making the SEO industry dynamic.

Google only announces major changes to it's algorithm. Even then they leave a lot of guess work (and trial and error) to decipher how they impact search engine results.

It's impossible to predict what Google is thinking. As we get into 2017, we've taken quotes from a three SEO experts who released their predictions for SEO trends to watch in 2017.

Video Content Will Continue To Be A Focus In Search
~ Ronald Dod

Need-to-Know SEO Trends for 2017. What You Don't Know Can Hurt You!

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"Video content has been on the rise for a little while now...a high power at Facebook even stated that video will become the main type of content by 2020."

That 2020 date is a big prediction, but there's no denying video is getting more popular. For SEO, written content is still the main form of content but you can introduce video into your content.

You could make Q&A videos or add step-by-step tutorials in to your regular content.

Source: Small Biz Trends

SEO 2017 - Analytics Keyword Search

Intent Rather Than Keywords Will Dominate Search Results
~ Pratik Dholakiya

"...users are now entering full queries or phrases in search engines..."

Google is getting better at understanding the context behind search phrase so can provide more accurate results.

So in 2017, you need to focus on providing answers to what consumers are exactly looking for.

Google receives millions of new keywords typed into the algorithm every day. You need to figure out what questions they're asking & answer those questions in context.

As always, continue to tweak your content based on what is working in your analytics. Do more of what's working, less of what isn't.

Source: Search Engine Land

SEO 2017 - Voice Search

Voice Search Volume Will Grow Massively
~ Rand Fishkin

"Voice search will be more than 25% of all US Google searches within 12 months".

That 25% isn't going to eat into desktop or mobile search results, but grow on top as more and more people use Google.

Voice search is different to mobile or desktop search in the way we use language.

When we type a search query, we tend to use specific words.

When we use voice search, studies have show queries tend to be a higher word count as we seek specific information. In 2017, consider use keyword phrase sentences people may search for in your content.

For example, people may type in:

'cheapest flights to Bahamas'

but when using the voice search they are more likely to use a phrase like:

'who is the cheapest company that flies to the Bahamas now'.

Source: Moz

Are You Ready For 2017?

This is three of many predictions every SEO expert in the industry has. The industry is tough to keep up with, and you could spend hours reading changes everyday.

Keeping a general eye on the industry is important, but most focus on your results. If something isn't working, make changes.

Roy McClean
Mar 02, 2017
By Roy McClean

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