Why Should I Hire an SEO Company (vs. Doing SEO Myself)?

SEO is a complex game. Yet by spending a day reading free content available on the internet, you can get a good understanding of SEO and what does and doesn’t work.

When Should I hire an SEO Company

Have you done this and are now asking yourself why you should hire an SEO company?

Given you know the fundamental SEO principles like keyword search and link building you might as well do your company's SEO yourself, right?

There’s nothing stopping you. But there is also nothing saying you shouldn't hire externally. Today we are going to discuss the reasons for hiring an SEO company.

SEO Is An Ongoing Goal That Needs To Be Working On Constantly

SEO is a long term game. You will always be setting new goals for your business therefore your goals with SEO will always be moving.

When you’ve started playing the SEO ‘game’, SEO can play a role in helping you achieve your goals. But you can’t just spend a week dedicated to SEO and be done with it for the next three months and expect success.

You need to actively  track your SEO progress adjust as required. SEO results don’t happen overnight, but with consistent SEO work, you can see sustained results.

The SEO Industry Is Always Evolving With Optimal Strategies Changing

Google make hundreds of updates to their search algorithm everyday. 99.9% of these adjustments won’t have any substantial effect on your Google search traffic.

Which is cool until Google releases a major algorithm update that gets a name every few years. Think hummingbird, penguin, and panda.

These updates shouldn’t negatively affect you if you’re practicing white hat SEO practices and aren’t gaming the system. However, after these major updates, you may need to adjust your SEO strategy and any processes in place need to be reviewed.

Knowing the reasons behind these major algorithm updates is important to ensure you make progress going forward. It’s so easy to get consumed by these major updates. SEO companies have a job to know what these updates mean and can speak with their fellow SEO experts to get a group opinion from experts.

Do you really have the time to jump around various forums with conflicting answers on actions you should take?

SEO Companies Have Subscriptions To High End SEO Programmes

There are hundreds of SEO tools available that can help you. While many are cheap, there are a few that take significant investment, costing thousands of dollars every year.

The best SEO companies rely on these high-end tools for client work, therefore have purchased subscriptions already meaning you don’t need to invest in anything extra. And just as importantly, they know how to use them (if you even use them)! For example, we're regular users of professionally licensed SEO apps such Moz, SEMrush, RavenTools, Screaming Frog, InSpyder, and many more to ensure the best results for our clients.

When you’re in a competitive industry, you need to take advantage of every edge you can get. With some of these tools, you are able to get that said edge thanks to SEO companies absorbing the costs into their overheads.

Proven Results/Methods Have Been Tested

SEO is confusing. Once you’ve learned the basics, you want to start implementing everything at once and months later you may or may not start seeing results.

We like results right?

But we also like to not waste time.

If you’ve implemented various SEO strategies, you might discover, your results are underwhelming and you’ve wasted a lot of valuable time and lost money as you haven't been working on what you’re good at.

An SEO company will run dozens of A/B tests across all of their clients and actively monitor the results to continue altering strategies on the go.

When to hire an Seo Company

You End Up In A Never Ending SEO Rabbit Holes (like page speed)

When you first start reading about SEO, the information is overwhelming. Before long, you might start to think you’ve got the hang of the basics. That’s well and good, but the more you know the more you realise you don’t know much about SEO at all.

Page speed plays a role in good SEO practices, yet isn’t obvious to start with. Once you start digging into off page SEO, you might find yourself learning all about optimising page speed.

This is helpful, but then you’ve got to worry about optimising images, using the right title tags, removing plugins and using plugins. The list goes on.

Before you know it, you’re so far down the rabbit hole, you’re almost considering leaving your current career to perform SEO yourself.

By hiring an SEO company, they are allowed to go down these rabbit holes. In fact, it is encouraged, and will not take the away from what they are good at which leads to our next point.

By Hiring An SEO Company You Can Focus On What You’re Good At

Remember the kind of work you are doing as you stand on the edge of the SEO rabbit hole. Or for those who are already in the rabbit hole, remember the work you were doing before you fell?

That is the work you’re good at.

If you’re running your own small business, focus on what you’re talented at, that will generate business. If that’s SEO, maybe you should consider a new career.

Are you an employee and your boss said to look into SEO when you get a chance? Let your boss know that SEO could help the company grow, but learning from scratch isn’t easy and it is a time consuming process and it is probably better to hire an expert team.

You Can Always Hire An Internal SEO Team Later

Why Should I Hire an SEO Company (vs. Doing SEO Myself)?

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If you’ve hired an SEO company and started to see some ROI, maybe it’s time to employ a full-time SEO staff member or maybe an entire internal SEO team?

That’s brings us to the end of our case. Did we put forward a good case as to why you should hire an SEO company? If you’ve got any questions about hiring an SEO company do reach out.

Roy McClean
Dec 19, 2017
By Roy McClean

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