The New Workout Plan, 2,500 Taps Per Day

Yes, we have been bombarded with the latest information that we touch, swipe or tap on our smartphones 2500 times a day (or 2617 times per day, according to a recent article in The Guardian). And this gigantic number is not including all the time we spend on our laptops, desktops, and tablets.

2500 Taps Unplug internet

Appreciating the Benefits of the Digital Revolution

In our increasingly digital world, which is convenient, gratifying, and has started conversations that needed to happen among many demographic groups, in terms of gender, race, and socio-economics, we can appreciate what the digital revolution has done for our lives. Little to no standing in line at the bank. Communicating with loved ones far away. Finding like-minded people to share our stories with on blogs and social media.

Too Much Information, Not Enough Time

We touch, swipe or tap on our smartphones 2500 times a day! The Twenty First Century Workout

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But all this time online comes with a price. Losing touch with the natural world and, for some people, constantly needing to keep up with our news feeds, or checking our email too many times in an hour, let alone each day. As Kemp Edmonds, social media instructor at BCIT, states on his blog, we are living in a time of Too Much Information, and there is simply not enough time to digest it all. We have to pick and choose and curate what we consume, and we need to give ourselves time to NOT consume at all.

So, what is a solution that will bring some balance into our busy lives that are being led increasingly online? It is definitely time to put a digital detox into our schedule on a regular basis.

How to do it?

Simply turn off all devices for a 24-hour period or more, on a regular basis. Weekends and holidays are ideal times for this. Some Silicon Valley entrepreneurs shut off the house internet on a timer every night so that people don’t get sucked into using Twitter until the early hours (it happens all too easily). 

Whatever your digital needs, both professionally and personally, there is a way to both embrace social media and our online lives while also drawing a line in the sand so our devices don’t take over, at the expense of a healthy lifestyle, and appreciating the natural world around us.

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Erica Osburn
Oct 28, 2017
From the Custom Fit Online team

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