How Do You Pitch? - The Art of Persuasion

Let's start off with defining what a "spiel" is. A Spiel can be described as a speech that is intended to persuade others. Some people may refer to this as an "elevator pitch" or an "infomercial". What this really is your practiced and preached spiel about your business. It's important to know this because when you are out working on your business the most common question that you will get is, "So, what do you do?" Do you know how to answer that question in a smooth and professional way that takes no more than 30 seconds? Here are some tips on creating an interesting and memorable spiel:

How Do You Pitch? - The Art of Persuasion

Part 1: Decide what the objective of your pitch will be. For example, will you be trying to tell new clients what you do? You may also want to focus on a service or product that you offer.

Part 2: Describe what you do. This would be the time to explain what your company does. This part should be one to two sentences and lead you into the next part of your spiel.

Part 3: Define your unique selling proposition. What makes you different than your competitors? What makes your business special and the best of its kind? This is what will bring you new customers so it's important to have a strong unique selling proposition.

Part 4: Ask an open-ended question. This question is used to engage your audience and draw them in. This will encourage them to answer that question with your business in mind, as the best solution.

How Do You Pitch? The Art of Persuasion a.k.a. Knowing Your Spiel

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Part 5: End with your mission statement. The best way to end your spiel is by repeating your name, your company's name and saying your mission statement (if applicable). This will be the last thing you say so this will help you end on a strong note and leave a lasting impression.

Part 6: Practice. Write it down. Stand in front of a mirror and repeat this over and over again. Go out and network and say this over and over again. Tell this to every member of your family. The more you say it the easier it will become.

For example, here is my spiel:

"Hello, my name is (insert name her) and I'm on the social engagement team with Custom Fit Online. We build and maintain web businesses for our clients; choosing the best services and tools for each situation. We have an experienced team of local Sea-to-Sky talents that are at the heart of the community providing you with quality content while creating conversations. What does your social engagement strategy entail? If you don't know then we should spend some time together. I'm (insert name here) from Custom Fit Online and remember, we design, build, and market marvellous products for exceptional clients!"

Yours can change as much as you need but it's best to always have one in the back of your mind. If you are nervous, write it down and carry it around with you and read it once a day. This will eventually come naturally to you and the most important thing to remember is that you are talking about yourself so if you forget what you prepared, it's okay because no one knows what you do better than yourself. Remember to smile, breathe, and say your spiel.

Blair Kaplan
Jan 03, 2014
From the Custom Fit Online team

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