On Being CMS Platform Agnostic

Elements of a Brand

I've always found Twitter to be a great way to get an inside look at up-and-coming trends. You can almost see the birth of them by following the musings and conversations of others. By witnessing what others are loving and hating, you can see which direction we are heading in and the best way to get there.

The last couple weeks saw the fleshing out of a trend I am both alarmed and excited about content management systems. Almost every other day there is a new CMS coming out. Last week alone saw three new content publishing system in the span of a couple days. Is there really such a demand for that many variations?

The short answer: yes.

What Makes Content work?

Content is a beautiful thing. It's the reason people even come to your site in the first place. It's the way to convert visitors into returning users. Content requires planning, strategizing, creation, distribution, and management among other things… all of which are difficult to do. So it's no surprise we are confused about our content management systems. Each CMS offers a little something different, and every company and organization will require something tailored to them.

Which CMS is best? The One That Fits Your Needs

At Custom Fit Online, we're platform agnostic. "Agnostic" is a bit of a poor word choice, come to think of it, but it's the most accurate term I can think of. It's not that we are skeptical about using a CMS, or don't believe in such a thing (CMS's are the most important part of web creation). What I mean by "agnostic" in this particular case is that we are not tied down to one particular way of doing things, nor one particular platform.

On Being CMS Platform Agnostic

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It is important for us to craft and create products that are versatile, accessible, and accommodating for all of our clients. Which is why none of our team members believe in platform specificity. If you have a particular CMS or program preference, we can build with it. When we start the research process, we make sure to take the clients best interests at heart. If that means learning a new CMS, we will make sure to get to know all of its nooks and crannies so we can best serve you.

Diversity Abounds with CMS Platforms

That means open source content management systems like Umbraco, Wordpress, Drupal, and PerchCMS, or even other specialized platforms like Shopify (for shopping carts) or MyRealPage (for Realtor® sites) -- you name it -- we'll make sure to get the job done so your organization can focus on getting accurate, lovely content out (an area we can also help out in).

Ben Groulx
Mar 05, 2013
From the Custom Fit Online team

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