Writing Apps: Be More Productive & Write Better

There’s plenty of great writing apps out now that can help you be a better writer and a more productive person. If you’re thinking about getting serious about creating content than using a dedicated writing app can give you some real benefits. Writing apps can help you: keep track of word count goals, analyze text to find your audience, minimize distractions, organize your ideas, take notes, and more. Check out 5 helpful writing apps below.

Focus Writer App


Do you tend to get distracted easily? FocusWriter’s simple distraction-free interface allows you to fully immerse yourself in your writing by hiding all those distracting buttons. Choose or create your own simple writing theme which gives you a familiar look and feel without all the features that get you sidetracked.

FocusWriter is available in multiple different languages for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux systems. Plus, you can track your word count, add h2 tags, sync to Dropbox or iCloud, and publish straight to WordPress!


OurStickys is endlessly helpful for keeping track of your ideas online. This Firefox and Chrome extension lets you right click to add a sticky note on any webpage. Leave and come back and the note will still be there! Go through your website and place notes for later or just jot down ideas while you’re surfing the web. OurStickys also gives you plenty of customization options to make sure you can easily organize and access your stickys.

Ulysses Writing App


This Mac only tool, is an elegant take on the distraction-free writing environment that promises to make you enjoy the content creation experience. Organize your content, add simple markup, make word count goals, and much more. Ulysses offers you a minimalist writing interface with the backend power to do much more, including publish directly to your WordPress website.

✍️ Using a dedicated writing app can give you real benefits! 💻

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Atomic AI

As a content creator, you can sometimes forget about the audience you’re writing for. Luckily for us, Atomic AI knows exactly who they are and how to write for them. This web app analyzes your text and gives you a readability score with feedback on how to improve your writing. Atomic AI learns from your writing and can give you recommendations based on your intended audience. Better written content often equals more engaged audiences.

Coggle Writing App


Not every great idea can be neatly arranged into headings and paragraphs, that’s where Coggle can come in handy. Take notes, brainstorm, visualise, and plan your ideas with Coggle’s mind maps. This online mind mapping tool allows you to visually share your ideas with friends or co-workers. This simple interface can let you arrange and organize complex information before you start your writing.

These are just a few of the useful writing apps online today. You can find the Best New Writing Apps You’ve Never Heard Of in one of our previous blog posts!

What tools or apps do you like to use when you write?

Harlen Malkowich
Mar 22, 2018
By Harlen Malkowich

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