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What are some of my favourite software apps for SEO and web development? Glad you asked. Here's one SEO tool I just can't do without.

Actually before I get started I need to tell you that I have no affiliation with InSpyder, I have paid for their software, and I'm not offering any affiliate links to their site. I'm tellin' ya... I just love their software apps and if you develop and manage websites you probably will too.

So without further ado here are the top things InSpyder Insite can do for you.

Spell Check Your Entire Site Easily!

I have fast flying typing fingers but they aren't always accurate. I make more than my share of typos but with InSpyder Insite I get every page on my clients' site checked for spelling often within minutes.

Not only does InSpyder catch all my spelling mistakes it's offers Suggestions for misspelled keywords and once I have made a correction on a page I can request InSpyder to only recheck the recently updated page.

InSpyder InSite Spell Check

Insite will index PDF files too!

It's Pretty Fast & Checks a Lot Along the Way

I crawled the entire CustomFitOnline.com website of almost 170 pages in less a little over 5 minutes in a corner of my house where the WIFI connection is a little slow. I think that's pretty good. No big wait here. The Insite Crawler indexes spelling mistakes, broken links, link redirects, verified links, and keyword density. For all you hard-core SEOers... I know, keyword density isn't something most of you want to spend time optimizing for anymore but I still like to compare the ratio of keywords page by page just for fun. (I've been told I have an 'unusual' sense of 'fun'.)

Once You Correct a Page Recheck It Quickly

InSpyder Spell CheckerIf find this simple yet wonderful. I like the immediacy of correcting spelling mistakes on a page, then getting InSpyder to recheck that page only.

And you can set up the Spell Checker list so that as soon as you correct a word and check it off it's removed from the list. It makes correcting long lists easier to track.

An Excellent Broken Link Checker

I use a variety of excellent SEO apps to check for broken links. Xenu link checker is a free app and very good. Screaming Frog offers free and paid versions and is like a Swiss Army knife SEO tool and the paid version is blazing fast. But I find Insite's broken link checker will sometimes catch links that the other tools don't.

Other Great InSpyder Products

InSpyder SEO and Web Crawling Software

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The fact that InSpyder is a Canadian product is kind of cool since we're a Canadian company too! InSpyder also offers some other skookum products like PowerSearch (spider your entire site to check for a piece of code... I use it routinely to scope out span tags in the HTML) and Web2Disk (which 'rips' any website from the web to your computer).

Now Your Turn

Have you used InSpyder before? How would you rate Insite against other SEO and online crawling tools? Feel free to leave your comments below.

Roy McClean
Mar 12, 2013
By Roy McClean

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