Google Analytics Tracking Your Hard Working $$$

Make Better Business Decisions... with Event Tracking

Google AnalyticsWith business websites, digital analytics is more often about "showing me the money" than anything else. Event tracking in Google Analytics helps us show our clients where the money is coming from and going to.... literally.

Use Events to Track What You Need to Know

Need to know the revenues of online bookings and which online campaigns these sales came from? Need to ascertain if your social media campaign is impacting your website traffic? Need to know where people are leaving your website? No problem. Event tracking can help you with this.

Event Tracking is a method available in the Google Analytics tracking code that you can use to record user interaction with website elements, such as a Flash-driven menu system, a click on any link or button, video viewing, etc.

The image below shows just some of the events that we have programmed to track on the LodgingOvations.com website. This includes tracking exits from the site to Lodging Ovations three hotel sites (LO is a property management company), exits to the online booking engine, clicks on social media channels and social signals (such as LIKING a page on Facebook) and so much more.

Google Analytics Event Tracking

Dashboards Make Data Analysis Easier

Once Google Analytics event tracking code has been added to the elements of various website elements you can then start tracking all of the events by setting up a 'dashboard' in GA. The dashboard screenshot below shows just a few of the metrics we can easily track.

Google Analytics Event Tracking Dashboard

Tracking data like this helps us make better decisions involving revenues generated online, campaign metrics, visitor value, etc. We can see in one easy-to-scan dashboard where people are existing the website, how often they are moving to the online booking engine, what social signals they are using, what pages events are taking place on, and much more.

You Treasure What You Measure!

Google Analytics Tracking Your Hard Working $$$

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My favourite saying (for business)? You treasure what you measure!

Do You Use Event Tracking on Your Website?

I will be detailing more web analytics information about using Google Analytics in future blog posts.

For now, we welcome your feedback!

  • Were you aware of Google Analytics event tracking?
  • Are you using Google Analytics event tracking?
  • How do you use event tracking to make better online optimization and marketing decisions?

Please feel free to leave your comments below.

Roy McClean
Sep 04, 2012
By Roy McClean

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