10 Things I Have Learned as a Designer

Designer Lessons Learned

As of writing this, I have been working with Custom Fit Online just shy of 10 months.

I was hired directly out of art school, something every graduating student was wishing for themselves. Working with clients wasn't unfamiliar by any means when I started, but some of the particular aspects of this position have been brand new. I'd like to share a few small tidbits of learning I've been through thus far at Custom Fit.

  1. Your opinion matters. It's a positive environment where all ideas are welcome.
  2. Your head is bouncing with a plethora of useful (and useless…) information, but that doesn't mean it is completely filled. There is always room to learn more, always room to absorb and grow.
  3. Design isn't everything. It's important to diversify your interests and take a step out and get involved with something new.
  4. Make relationships; they are critical to future success.
  5. Take breaks. Let things settle and simmer. Coming back refreshed provides a new take, and projects improve.
  6. Remember your audience. Above all, design needs to cater and provide a purpose.
  7. Form follows function, interface follows usability. Always. Always. There is no way around it. Sometimes beauty has to be sacrificed in order to create something functional, and it will inherently be better.
  8. Non-designers are valuable resources, especially if they have little knowledge of the required. Design is meant to facilitate our lives, and having the input of "normal-folk" will provide useful information. Is it intuitive? Does it make sense?
  9. Design is not difficult.
  10. Good design is really difficult

I look forward to working with many more people and clients with Custom Fit, making beautiful and usable products, and most importantly, to continue learning.

So to all the other web designers out there... what have you learned recently with your work? Please feel free to share your comments below!

Ben Groulx
Jul 27, 2012
From the Custom Fit Online team

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