Road-map to Online Analytics Success Video

The video shown below features an interview with Stephane Hamel, noted web analyst, regarding his "Roadmap to Online Analytics Success". Stephane provides some thoughtful analysis about his Online Analytics Maturity Model and its underlying approach.

If you are interested in web analytics you should watch this video. If you have a website or an online presence for your business you should watch this video. Heck, even if you don't but you want to succeed in business watch this video!

When I completed the (very excellent) University of British Columbia's Web Analytics course years ago Stephane was a key contributor to the course criteria. Stephane is unquestionably a leader in the world of web analytics, digital analytics or business analytics.

Goals of this model?

  • to help you benchmark your present status, to help establish your goals for utilizing web analytics, then to help you track your progress moving toward completion of these goals
  • to provide a methodology for reviewing your use of web data including such important features as your business model, your company culture, the size of playing field where you do analysis, and your company's level of sophistication for using analytics tools.

Key take-aways from this model?

If you have an online presence and you aren't using web analytics you need to start. As Stephane notes "if you are doing business online it's not a question of whether you utilize web analytics. Using analytics is a vital part of doing business online." Stephane's model provides a great starting point for creating dialogue about how, when and what you need to access when building your online presence.

So do you think that you really need to apply a methodology such as the "Maturity Model" to your small to medium sized business to achieve online success with web analytics? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Roy McClean
Jul 24, 2012
By Roy McClean

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