Best Ways to Find New Music on Spotify

Spotify Find New Music

Spotify does a great job at helping people discover new music.

Simply open the app on your phone or computer and you're thrust into a land of endless playlists.

If you’re a casual music fan you’ve probably never needed (or wanted) more than what's right at your fingertips when you open the app.

But avid music lovers may find it hard to just sit back and let the music come to them naturally. 

Some people love to ‘dig through the crates’ of music on Spotify and with what feels like an endless amount of music available on the app, I don’t blame them. Your new favourite song could be waiting right around the corner.

However, there’s a lot more techniques for discovering music on Spotify than just flipping through the playlists on your homepage.

So here are a few tips & tricks to help you discover new music on Spotify.

Discover Good Music Spotify

Get the Most Out of Your Discover Weekly & Release Radar

If you’ve used Spotify before, you’ve most likely already taken advantage of your personal AI-curated playlists, Discover Weekly and Release Radar. 

These two playlists refresh weekly, on Monday and Friday respectively, with 30 new songs based on your listening history, liked songs, created playlists, etc..

But, did you know you can like and follow other people's Release Radar and Discover Weekly playlists? 

The only catch is you need the direct link to the playlist. But it does mean you can swap links with your friends or family to see what they get suggested each week!

Find New Releases on Fridays

Browse through the New Releases section on Fridays to find the latest albums and singles!

Fortunately, or unfortunately, this isn’t a complete list of everything that came out that week. 

The New Releases section is still customized based on your listening history, but it does offer you a wider selection of songs and albums within your favourite genres. 

Plus, scrolling through the most recent album drops is the epitome of ‘finding new music’.

Turn Any Song, Album or Artist into a Radio Station

Spotify’s radio feature allows you to select any song, album, or artist, and generate a similar playlist based on whatever you selected.

Figure Out the Bands Fans Also Like

Have a favourite artist? Or just enjoying a new band you found and need more of that sound?

Visit an band/artist page or profile and scroll down until you see the ‘Fans Also Like’ section.

Enhance An Existing Playlist

When you make a playlist, Spotify automatically suggests related songs to add. You don’t even have to scroll. Just hit refresh and a new group of songs will appear! 

And now, on mobile versions at least, you can ‘enhance’ a playlist. Enhancing a playlist magically adds related songs throughout the existing list. And one cool feature with this is you can turn off ‘enhance’ mode and the playlist is back to your original creation.

Harlen Malkowich
Sep 22, 2022
By Harlen Malkowich

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