10 YouTube Channels to Learn Graphic Design

Would you rather learn by reading long blocks of text descriptions or watching visual explanations?

While reading may be quicker, watching videos is an easier way to absorb complicated material. Images paired with verbal communication provide an effortless way to learn and remember new techniques. That’s why YouTube video tutorials are extremely popular amongst most people learning new things.

Learn Graphic Design YouTube Channels

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YouTube is a wealth of information for learning any discipline – and graphic design is no different. With access to thousands of tutorials by experts, YouTube is your one-stop-shop for learning something new.

Here’s our list of 10 YouTube channels to help you learn graphic design and mastering the Adobe Creative Suite.

Tutorials For Graphics

TutorialsForGraphics uploads videos centered around motion graphics and the Adobe Creative Suite. The tutorials include video editing programs like After Effects, Premiere Pro and Photoshop.

YouTube Playlists:

Spoon Graphics

Chris Spooner, the man behind Spoon Graphics, gives you plenty of informative video tutorials to hone your skills in the Adobe Creative Suite. He also has a website – Spoon Graphics – which is full of graphic design resources and guides to help you with your day-to-day design tasks.

YouTube Playlists:

Free School Graphic Design Tutorial

The Free School Graphic Design channel is full of tutorials for different types of logo and icon design. Usually focusing on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, these videos can teach you business card design, letterhead design, web design, and much more.

YouTube Playlists:

Teela Cunningham

Teela Cunningham adds new how-to videos for Illustrator and Photoshop every Tuesday. Tutorials are great for all skill levels and provide quick tips and tricks for design, especially for typography and hand lettering.

YouTube Playlists:

Swerve Tutorials

Swerve provides inspiration and tutorials for new designers. Learn how to use Photoshop and Illustrator or watch some speed art videos to get your creativity flowing.

YouTube Playlists:

Apple Graphic Studio

Apple Graphic Studio provides specific video playlists for typical designer projects such as making business cards or designing posters.

YouTube Playlists:

Yes I'm a Designer

Run by certified Adobe Design Master and Instructor, Martin Perhiniak. Yes I’m a Designer will teach you design principles, technical knowledge, compositional techniques and the best practises of working as a designer.

YouTube Playlists:

Will Paterson

Will Paterson’s YouTube channel gives you videos specialising in logo design and brand identity. You can gain insight from his perspective of working as a freelance graphic designer.

YouTube Playlists:


The TipTut channel is full of Adobe tips, tricks and tutorials. The tutorials are generally short and sweet giving you the info you need quickly.

YouTube Playlists:

The Futur

The Futur YouTube channel focuses on online education for creative entrepreneurs. Videos range from design education and learning to branding and the business of design. The Futur also has a podcast you can listen to on most popular podcast streaming platforms.

YouTube Playlists:

Harlen Malkowich
Sep 24, 2019
By Harlen Malkowich

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