Best Google Chrome Extensions for Web Design

Google Chrome Extensions for Web Design

If you’re a web designer, you know the job can sometimes include tedious tasks. Luckily, Google Chrome has a substantial extension store full of free tools that can make your life easier.

From identifying fonts and colour hex codes to testing responsive websites – Google Chrome has an extension to help you out. Manage your online workflow like a pro and cut down on the monotonous work with these super helpful Chrome extensions.

No matter what kind of design work you do, these extensions will help simplify some of the dull tasks during your workday.

Web Developer

Web Design Chrome Extensions - Web Developer

The ultimate Google Chrome extension for a web developer is aptly named Web Developer. This all-in-one tool lets you disable Javascript, hide images, view source code, and so much more. The extension isn’t exclusive to Chrome either, you can use it on Firefox and Opera browsers if those are your go-to for working on the world wide web.

Window Resizer

This extremely useful Chrome extension allows you to re-size your browser window to different mobile and desktop resolutions. If you’re designing responsive web designs, Window Resizer is a great way to test out your layouts on different sized devices.

Color by Fardos

Color by Fardos is a great tool for finding colour hex codes on a website. The extension can also identify specific colours different tints and shades and recommend pairings for the colour.

Super History & Clear Cache

Web Design Chrome Extensions - Clear Cache

Super History & Clear Cache is a simple Google Chrome extension that lets you clear the cookies on the page you’re on. It allows you to bypass the need to go into your Chrome settings and clear your cache, which can save you lots of time in the long run. You can also choose which elements you want to clear from the page including; cache, downloads, form-data, index database, plugin data, passwords, and more.

Check My Links

The Check My Links extension quickly highlights any broken links on a page. Which is perfect for saving your precious time fixing the errors and not tracking down the dead links.

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot lets you easily capture entire webpages with the click of a button. You can also record video, erase elements, crop your screenshot, and more in the extension

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Corporate Ipsum

When you're mocking up a website template it’s always handy to have some Lorem Ipsum text to use. If you’re tired of seeing the same old Lorem Ipsum gibberish your father used then Corporate Ipsum is a great alternative.

Dark Reader

If you prefer to do your design work at night, Dark Reader can help ease your eyes while browsing the web in the dark. Switch every website you go to from glaring white to an easier to handle black background. You can adjust brightness and contrast settings to change it to your specific needs.


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Harlen Malkowich
Aug 30, 2019
By Harlen Malkowich

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