17 Best Websites to Find Jobs in Canada

So you’ve just graduated and now it’s time to find that perfect career you’ve always dreamed about. Or maybe you just want to look for another job but don’t know how to begin the job hunt.

Best Job Search Websites Canada

Where do you start? Do you pick up your local newspaper, flip through the classifieds and circle the interesting jobs with a red pen? Or do you print off a stack of resumes and start canvassing the neighbourhood?

While both are legitimate ways to find yourself somewhere to work, they’ve become dated approaches to getting the job you want.

Finding a job out of post-secondary can be a tough time for many recent graduates. Often making the transition from school to joining the workforce isn’t something we’ve prepared for or even been taught about.

The good news is our always helpful friend, and resource, the internet is there to lend a hand. Finding jobs online has become one of the most common ways to discover employment opportunities.

Canada Job Finding Websites

Today, there are countless websites and job boards completely devoted to matching you with potential employers. These online sources offer you an excellent way to find a job without having to leave the house or your favourite ‘free wifi’ coffee shop.

But here comes that same question again – with an astounding amount of options available only a few keystrokes away – where do you start?

Being overwhelmed with the sheer number of convenient websites isn’t going to help you find a job. We don’t want to waste the time you could be hunting for jobs any longer and that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best job search websites for you! 

Canada Job Search Websites:

  1. CareerBuilder
  2. Career Jet
  3. Craigslist
  4. Eluta
  5. Glassdoor
  6. Hot Jobs Canada
  7. Indeed
  8. Job Bank
  9. Jobs.ca
  10. Kijiji
  11. LinkedIn
  12. Monster
  13. Simply Hired
  14. Toronto Jobs
  15. Workopolis
  16. Working.com
  17. Wow Jobs


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While there’s always more to be found, these are typically considered the top websites to browse if you’re looking for a job in Canada. Let us know in the comments below if you have a great job search website we missed!

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Aug 02, 2019
By Harlen Malkowich

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