Design Apps for iPad & Apple Pencil

Design Apps for iPad and Apple Pencil

Since the iPad and Apple Pencil hit the market, designing isn’t restricted to your desk anymore. You can comfortably work on your design project from your favourite lounger or even while laying in bed. So without further ado, here are 6 useful iPad and Apple Pencil apps for designers.


Design Apps iPad - Trello

Stay organized on your next big design project with Trello. This visual tool is perfect for keeping your clients in the loop or collaborating with other creators. You can make prioritized boards, lists, and cards to help streamline your workflow and stay productive throughout the whole project. Trello also offers users a versatile interface which can be synced to your iPhone or Apple Watch for when you’re really ‘on the go’.


Design Apps iPad - Paper by WeTransfer

We all know the design process starts in our notebooks. Sketches, notes, and diagrams all come together to form the final polished outcome of the project. Paper, by WeTransfer, looks like just your run-of-the-mill note taking and drawing app but underneath its simple exterior is a powerful tool. Create graphs, Venn diagrams, and so much more with Paper’s straightforward tools. You may want to watch some online tutorials to get the most out of this app. However, once you know how to use it, Paper can be extremely useful for those early stages of a design project.


Design Apps iPad - Shapr 3d

Are you looking for a quick and precise way to make 3D models? Then Shapr3D may be right for you! Boasting easy to learn tools and using the same geometric modelling engine as Solidworks, Shapr3D lets you turn sketches into three-dimensional masterpieces. Designed specifically for use with the Apple Pencil, you’ll be pumping out 3D models in no time. And while the only way to export your work is to subscribe to the monthly Pro version, a nicely curated screenshot can still get your point across.

Adobe Capture

Design Apps iPad - Adobe Capture CC

Designed specifically for your iPad, Adobe Capture allows you to turn your photos into scalable vector graphics. Capture lets you mess around with colours, shapes, patterns, textures, and creating custom brushes all from images. Obviously best used in combination with the whole Adobe Creative Suite, Capture is perfect for making your photos into usable design assets.


Design Apps iPad - iFontMaker

The original typeface app for the iPad, iFontMaker is still a powerful tool to have in your design arsenal. Create a custom font for your next project using Bezier curves, brushes, kerning, and many more options. Then export it as an image, GIF, or Webfont to use for the future.


Design Apps iPad - Invoice2go

Once your design work is complete it’s time to send over that invoice. While it may be one of the less interesting parts of a project, it’s probably the most important aspect if you want to make a living from your hard work. Invoice2Go lets you easily create, track, and send invoices to your clients. There’s a wealth of invoicing apps out there but if you haven’t used one before, this is a great place to start.

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Harlen Malkowich
Dec 05, 2019
By Harlen Malkowich

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