5 Ideas to Help Write Blog Posts

Ideas for Writing Blog Posts

If you find it difficult to come up with ideas for your blog posts, these suggestions are for you.

1. What Does Your Customer Care About?

Remove yourself from the picture. What does your customer want? What are they interested in? Suppose you sell handmade jewellery. You might be fascinated by the range of temperatures different metals need to make them pliable.

Do your customers care? Probably not.

But they do want to know how to keep their silver necklace or their platinum ring looking as beautiful as the day they bought it.

Think about the questions customers ask you all the time. How do I stop silver jewellery tarnishing? How many kilometres will my new tires last? How much sugar is in your 12oz iced chai latte? If you find yourself repeatedly answering the same questions, make sure you have blog posts on those topics!

2. Write About Local Businesses That Are Complementary to Yours

Your customers don’t read your blog because they want to see repeated advertising for your business. They read it because they want information or entertainment. And you can provide useful information about other local businesses.

If you run a hair salon aimed at women in their late 20s, what other local businesses might appeal to them? Maybe a nail salon? A wedding organizer? A yoga studio?

Later, perhaps that nail salon will return the favour and profile your business on their blog.

3. Find Upcoming Events

Look for local events that will appeal to your customers. If you sell children's clothes, or used family cars, is there a family festival coming up? If your customers are mostly young, single adults, see if there’s a local music festival or sporting event aimed at that demographic.

Look further afield. Consider a list of day trips from your location that would be relevant to your customers. (Pinterest is great for finding places to visit!)

4. Profile Your Employees

Customers want to get to know you and your staff, but too much detail is boring.

Add People in Blog Posts

If Dawn is going to clean my house, I would like to know something about her before I open my front door. I’d like to see a photo of her friendly face, and learn a little bit about her personality and interests. When you interview Dawn, keep your customers in mind and ask her about things they might want to know.

Here are some interview tips. Most importantly, have a comfortable conversation (this isn’t a job interview!) and ask open-ended questions.

5. Share Advice

Get 5 Ideas To Help Inspired Writing Your Next Blog Post

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If you’re an electrician, what electrical problems can your customers safely deal with themselves? If you make cakes, give cake decorating tips. If you’re a mechanic, can you explain how to do some basic car maintenance? (Of course, it’s best if you can include photos or videos.)

Don't worry about giving too much away. Once people try it themselves, they'll likely gain a greater appreciation for your expertise!

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Roy McClean
Sep 12, 2018
By Roy McClean

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