5 Useful Online Typography Tools

Pairing fonts for the web design or print design can sometimes be difficult. Typography in general is a complex practise that can take years to excel at and even longer to master. Thankfully, today we have many typography programs, apps, and extensions that can help you learn and understand more about typography.

A quick internet search will reveal hundreds of these programs available from completely free to subscription based and it can get a little overwhelming going through each one and testing them out. So, here are a few noteworthy typography tools that you might find helpful while designing.

Tiff Font Tool


Tiff is an online tool that lets you visually compare letters between two different fonts. Extremely easy to use and incredibly helpful if you’re trying to compare font weights, heights, mid-lines, and more. The coolest feature in Tiff is probably the overlay compare where you can see the same letters over each other and really grasp the differences between the two. Start comparing letters now with Tiff.

Fontface Ninja Typography Extension

FontFace Ninja

Have you ever spent time trying to identify a font on a website? Well, Fontface Ninja is here to help you out. This free browser extension lets you inspect typefaces on a website and allows you to buy the font or typeface. It really couldn’t be any easier, once you have the extension installed, click on the icon in your browser bar then hover your cursor over a font to see its name, size, and other useful information. You can find Fontface Ninja in your internet browser’s extension store or at the Fontface Ninja website.

Ideo Font Map Type Program

Ideo Font Map

It’s always good to be looking for new font combinations and Ideo Font Map is a great way to start the search. This interactive map uses AI to show you more than 750 fonts and their relationships. Ideo Font Map gives you an imaginative way to find original font pairings to use with your design. Head over to Ideo Font Map to give it a try now!

Type Nugget Font CSS Tool

Type Nugget

This new web tool helps you with your CSS styles. Tired of writing your own CSS styles? Now you can use Type Nugget to help with your online typesetting. Try out different web font combinations and then preview them live in your browser. Adjust size, weight, colour, line height, style, and more. Once you’re happy with your type you can hit generate code and receive a CSS style sheet that you can use on your website. Check it out for yourself at Type Nugget.

Font Flame Web Tool

Font Flame

5 Useful Online Typography Tools

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Bored of testing out combinations of fonts? Font Flame randomly generates a font pairing and asks if you ‘love’ or ‘hate’ it. This yes or no structure is most likely why Font Flame calls itself ‘Tinder for font pairing’. However simple it may be it’s a good way to check out a bunch of pairings quickly. You can view the ones you liked by checking out the ‘My Type’ section at the top or view popular font pairings under ‘Curated’. You can start swiping on fonts at Font Flame.

Would you like to create your own font? There's lots of free tools to create your own font available online!

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Harlen Malkowich
Sep 08, 2017
By Harlen Malkowich

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