WordPress Strengths + Weaknesses

WordPress originally started out as a blogging platform but has since been adopted as a fully functional CMS. It possesses both strengths and weaknesses.

This article will help you decide if WordPress is right for you.

WordPress Plugins

The Strengths of WordPress

It's Free!
WordPress on its own does not have an associated cost to download and use.

Fast Development
If you need to build a website quickly, WordPress may be a good fit for you. It can be installed and configured in under 30 minutes. Plugins and themes are also fast to install. Budget-minded businesses will find this attractive as more resources can be dedicated to design and content.

There's a Plugin For That
Chances are if you need specific functionality or design elements, there is a plugin available that will perform the needed function. Many plugins are free and are highly configurable. Some paid plugins also offer tech support and added functionality beyond the free version.

It's Easy to Use
For the most part, WordPress does not require high levels of technical knowledge to use. The content editor is expandable and user-friendly. Of course, some know how may be required if you need to make changes to themes or plugins, but if you are fine with the 'out-of-the-box' functionality, few changes may be required.

It WordPress Good? Yes. Is It Perfect? No! Learn WordPress Strengths + Weaknesses

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Widely Supported
WordPress can operate on both Windows and Unix flavoured servers. I have yet to come across a hosting company that cannot handle WordPress. High levels of both professional and community support are available for WordPress. If you can't figure something out, head on over to the Wordpress forums to get the help you need.

WordPress Does Have Some Weaknesses

It's Free!
Wait, wasn't that one of the pros for WordPress? Yes, it was, but is anything truly free? Because WordPress is free, it does not come with support. For that, you can either do your own research or seek out the assistance of certified WordPress professionals.

Generic Theme Appearance
Many of the themes available for Wordpress tend to have a 'templated' or generic appearance. Theme developers tend to build template designs that appeal to the masses rather than to a very specific demographic. This can be especially true for free themes. Your website may end up looking like a thousand others unless you make tailor made changes to the theme layout, colors and features.

Buggy Updates
After you've used Wordpress for a few moths, you will start to notice update notices appearing. Many updates are great; adding new or better functionality or address security concerns. This doesn't mean an update will always be a good thing. Sometimes updates contain bugs that can impact the entire website or even take it down. It's rare, but it happens.

One widely known issue with WordPress is its performance. WordPress in itself isn't slow, but once you start adding demanding themes and plugins, you'll start to notice a performance hit. This can often be addressed by adding caching plugins, but this is not a fix, it's a band-aid solution.

Not Ideal For Large Businesses
It is recommended that medium to large businesses establish a custom made website which will ensure the best online representation of the company. Furthermore, this choice will ensure better branding, will give exclusive control on the website and will be optimal for search engines.

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Robert Valcourt
Jul 12, 2016
By Robert Valcourt

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