We Are HootSuite Social Media Marketing Certified!

Jason McClean HootSuite CertifiedHootSuite Podium Social Media Training offers industry certifications for social media. And Jason McClean, our Content Creator specialist, has just earned his Social Media Marketing Certification with HootSuite! (Yup, that's Jason on the right.)

Comprehensive Training for the Social Media Specialist

HootSuite Social Media Training Certificate Jason McClean

HootSuite's Podium certification program requires the an 80% or greater mark on a Social Media Marketing Certification Exam involving content from these courses:

Introduction to Social Media Marketing

This course component offers an overview of how businesses and professionals can leverage multiple social networks and their millions of users. This course covers the major social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Tumblr. While Jason was already well versed with the major social networks, it was still a worthwhile review.

Optimizing Your Social Media Profiles

This course reviews the essential elements for each social network that you must focus on before you "Publish". Jason learned network specific features, tips, and tricks to help our clients offer a professional and engaging social media presence always based upon best practices.

Social Media Strategy - from A to Z

Social media has revolutionized communication for people and business alike. Jason learned how to develop well thought out, and well-documented social media strategies. Goal setting was a key component that Jason took from this section that he applies to all of our clients' social network applications.

Growing Your Online Community

Growing our clients' online communities is vital to their online success. Jason took insights from this course on developing an online community built on a foundation of building trust and goodwill with our social network audiences. Each social network has its unique challenges and benefits, and Jason uses this knowledge to develop our clients' online communities successfully.

Content Marketing Fundamentals

A successful social strategy involves sharing content that is informative, entertaining, and timely. But continually developing unique and engaging content can be challenging. Jason was able to gather tips and ideas on how to keep the content flowing in a successful manner.

Social Advertising Fundamentals

Integrating social media advertising into social network campaigns is vital. But knowing how to effectively utilizing advertising in a measurable and effective manner requires the right knowledge and experience. Jason gathered important insights into how to using advertising following best practices for Facebook Adverts, Twitter Ads, and LinkedIn Advertising. We always setup advertising tracking with our various analytics tools, including Google Analytics and, of course, HootSuite before we start a campaign... because "you treasure what you measure".

Jason's HootSuite Podium certificate augments the HootSuite Professional Certification by yours truly, Roy McClean.

Need to Get Measurable Results for Your Social Media Marketing?

We Are HootSuite Social Media Marketing Certified!

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If you are online, you need a strong and successful social media marketing presence that follows best practices and is completely measurable. Please free to contact Roy McClean, Custom Fit Online's Founder and Managing Partner, directly toll-free in North America at 1 (877) 932-7861 or via our online contact form for a complimentary no-commitment no-hassle consultation with Jason McClean.

Roy McClean
Mar 09, 2016
By Roy McClean

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