Social Media Advertising Is Changing!

Social media is changing! Facebook may be dead by 2017! Snapchat just made glasses! So many things are happening in the social media tycoon game we live in right now, but what does it mean? Today we talk about social media and how these changes could benefit or harm.

Facebook Decline

Alright, I know social media is always changing but these are big changes people, a changing of the guard. I know that's probably too dramatic and more than a little late as people have already been talking about Facebook's downfall for awhile now, but these changes affect the online landscape. A landscape many of us use to advertise and promote our businesses or services on.

So if you've been paying attention I've mentioned the crash of Facebook use a few times already. And If you've been paying attention to headlines, I'm basically repeating them but it's important. The change has been gradual but people, mostly millennials, are leaving Facebook for more hip social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.

"Who cares? Millennials don't have money anyways!"

You shout from your desk chair. Well... some businesses are targeting that age group and eventually they'll be in the age group you're seeking.

"Ok, so what now?"

Now we start to learn about the fragility of social media marketing. While it can be powerful, it can also be tedious which is why you need to stay on top of the most used social media platforms!

Social media is changing. Facebook might be dead in 2017. Learn what the future might be like!

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Snapchat has become the most used social media platform with Instagram in a close second but these numbers won't last forever either. New platforms like Pokemon Go are also changing digital marketing with geo-tagged location-based scavenger hunts. Pretty much Pokemon Go is drawing people playing the game on their phones to businesses, where they'll pay money to hang out and catch Pokemon!

"What!? That's Crazy!"

I know but places like McDonald's have already been using the social app for that exact purpose. But this is exciting! This adds a new dynamic on how you can advertise online and bring customers to your storefront.

In summary, I have no idea if the 'changing of the guard' will really benefit or harm anybody (except Mark Zuckerberg, I guess) but I do know we need to pay attention to these changes as we go forward. They will impact how we navigate the online advertising presence. It grows increasingly important to try out new forms of social media in order to stay on top.

Harlen Malkowich
Oct 04, 2016
By Harlen Malkowich

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