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How to Stay Motivated

You may have recently made a few resolutions and now need to stay motivated. It happens to the best of us. Your ideas are probably excellent and full of potential. I know the latest advice seems to be to focus on process and not resolutions, but I think there's nothing wrong with good old fashioned New Year's resolutions. You just need to stay motivated and be awesome.

If you're wasting time having fun, you're not wasting time.
-- Tim Ferriss

A while back, I threw out 11 Quotes to Shake You Up. These were (are) a collection of a few of my favourite quotes to keep me motivated and thinking clearly.

Sometimes, though, you need to go beyond a few quotes to stay on track. Luckily, there are quite a few good motivators out there on the Interwebs these days whose sole purpose seems to be offering solid, science based advice to help keep you on track and moving toward being awesome at life.

Newsletters You Should Subscribe to

1. Brian Clark, Further:

The newest member of this team of awesome is Brian Clark, at Further.net. This latest venture from the guy behind Copyblogger Media shows you "How to Live Your Best Life".

There are several reasons this newsletter is a keeper. First, Brian Clark is sure to deliver the goods. He has a reputation for quality and doing the research. One of the things I like most about Copyblogger Media is the thoroughness of the offerings. I get the impression that Further will have that same level of care and depth.

Check it out and see what you think. One intriguing line from his copy is "And wealth is really about resources, which includes your relationships, business intelligence, and lifestyle."

2. Eric Barker, Barking up the Wrong Tree:

I greatly admire Eric Barker and find that the combination of his ability to curate relevant research with very good writing has given me the insight I have needed at times - In fact, too often to count. I have used his writing to spur on my family, myself and co-workers in times they either needed a swift kick or a gentle nudge. 

It's the quality of his writing that will keep his stuff not just flowing into your inbox, but being opened, memorized and used on a daily basis. You can read more about Barking Up the Wrong Tree at his website.

3. Tim Ferriss, Experiments in Lifestyle Design:

I saw the iconic "Four Hour Work Week" in a bookstore years ago and just about fainted. I immediately looked it up online and have been smitten ever since. What hooked me was the idea of lying on a hammock between two palm trees all day, but what kept me coming back for more and keeps me reading/listening (he's got a great podcast) is his dedication to quantifying everything. You treasure what you measure, indeed.

Instead of a cheerleading session, what you'll find in what Time Ferriss brings to the table is a clear idea that, yes, being a polymath is doable in this day and age, and yes, you can get there from here. Explore more at his Experiments in Lifestyle Design blog.

4. Noah Kagan, OK Dork:

Noah Kagan offers a lot of great stuff including App Sumo, and in general just seems so smart and charming that I enjoy taking in what he offers. The one post that made me shake my head, and, if he weren't so charming, take him off my list, was this one, "What Babysitting Taught Me About Business" On the one hand, he spent a few days with a baby and learned quite a few things. On the other hand, I have spent 17 years with 4 babies and, well, holy mother of god, he only touched the faintest tip of that iceberg with a few days with a baby. I love you, Noah, but really? I want to see a super sincere list of 9 things you've learned after, let's say, you've got 4 under 6 and no babysitter.

The thing is, though, Noah Kagan brings something indispensable to your life: someone that you feel truly wants you to succeed, mixed with proven knowledge and tons of heart. See what you think.

5. James Clear, James Clear

James Clear is the one newsletter that our Design Director, Ben Groulx, follows. I think the one word that sums up James Clear is "clarity". He has taken what he has learned from weight lifting, entrepreneurship and art and shared it with you. It's simple and clear. And really on target.

The James Clear newsletter comes with all the awesomeness of the above motivators, but with the added Custom Fit Seal of Approval. It is the one newsletter that, as I understand it, is read by all of us on a regular basis. James Clear's blog is well worth a read.

Who Motivates You? 

Stay Motivated & Get Sh*t Done!

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Who keeps you on track when you're at 90% completion on your way to a huge breakthrough when you reach that last stumbling block and just want to give up?

Who reminds you of how Navy SEALS train?

Who helps you remember to drink your water each day, or fill out spreadsheets to track your progress? Who keeps you laughing instead of crying?

Let me know! 

Wendy Kelly
Feb 17, 2015
From the Custom Fit Online team

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