How to Get Likes on Your Facebook Page

Crazy to think but there's big business in getting likes on FaceBook! You may be asking yourself 'why isn't our page not getting more likes'. Here is 5 quick tips to getting more traction on your FaceBook page.

Share Great Photos

Sharing great photo's is honestly the easiest way generate more likes. Custom Fit Online is lucky enough to operate in one of the most beautiful areas in the PNW. So, fortunately for us finding great photo ops is a treat. Our most popular posts are often shots of Pemberton and Whistler's fantastic outdoor scenery.

Now you may be asking yourself.. I love outdoor scenery but what does that have to do with my business. Even if your business is selling coffee in downtown Vancouver for instance, sharing a great photo of the downtown core is still promoting your brand and generating a photo people will flock too. While we don't encourage sharing, nothing but outdoor scenery photo's, we do encourage you to find photo's you yourself would like and share them with your audience. Here was two of our more popular photo's we recently shared.


Keep Your Descriptions Short and Sweet

Don't lose your followers with a long and drawn out description. We suggest keeping your post description between 120 and 150 characters. That's essentially two sentences. The reason we do this is to not overwhelm your guests. Never use fours sentences when two will do. Be captivating, find your message and get it to the people in a short and decisive manner. As you can see above we only needed a quick sentence and a great picture to get people's attention.

Release Your Post at Peak Times

You can create amazing material, or have the most amazing photo but if you don't release your post at the correct time it will all be for not. Generally speaking peak Facebook times are when people are off work or during lunch hours. The most reliable time to hit your peak audience is from 12 PM to 7 PM. We generally release our most successful posts from 5 PM to 7 PM, when people are just getting off work. We also throw in post around 7 AM & 12 PM sometimes. Why? Because people love to check their phones and computers first thing in the morning and during lunch.

FaceBook Usage Graph

Find Great Photo's

As we just touched on sharing great photo's is the easiest way to generate lots of likes. However, you may be asking yourself, where do I find these great photo's? The quickest way to find great photo's is to search a database like iStock or ShutterStock. For only a few bucks you can grab a great photo. The best way to grab great local photo's is to cruise Instagram using hashtags. For example whenever we need a photo of the popular destination Joffre Lake in Pemberton, we simply search on Instagram for the hashtag #JoffreLake. Because Joffre Lake is such a popular destination within seconds we have dozens of great photo's to choose from. When using another Instagram users photo the proper practice is to ask for permission, followed by giving them a photo credit. As you can see above when we give a photo credit we leave a little emoji camera to clean up the look.

Use Video

Some of the most popular posts we use are short video clips. Find a short video describing your business or product and embed it into your FaceBook page. The most popular place to find video's are YouTube and Vimeo.

For example. If you're a small auto shop trying to get attention to your FaceBook page. Maybe you'd find a short video on why it's important to change your oil every 500 miles. Simply find a well-constructed video on YouTube on why oil changes are important and follow these steps.

  1. Look for the share button at the bottom of the video
  2. Once you click this a shortened link of the video will pop up
  3. Simply copy and paste this link into your FaceBook page
  4. A small screen with a link to your video appear
  5. Write a SHORT description of the video above in the status bar (between 120 - 140 characters)

YouTube Example

Roy McClean
Nov 05, 2015
By Roy McClean

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