How to Have a Workation


Definition: [wor-key-shun, noun] The act of bringing work on what should be a vacation or personal time.

Sometimes, we feel like we have so much work to do that we can't take time off. It's easy to get into a routine and once you are on a roll you are scared to break habits. For us entrepreneurs, the feelings of guilt are much worse. We can't leave home without our phones and need to always be checking our emails and social media accounts. Luckily, our society has advanced to a place where Wi-Fi is almost anywhere (if you look for it) which allows us to unlock the chain from our leg to our desk and take a workation.

If you can run your business from your computer (using email, social media, and Skype-like programs), you can take your traveling office anywhere. Not sure what to do in order to prepare for a workation? Let me help you out:

  • Make sure your accommodation has Wi-Fi or that there is a coffee shop nearby that does. It depends on how connected you want to be and keep in mind how often you will need Wi-Fi.
  • Get work over with before play. For example: eat breakfast, work, explore/drink, etc… Or, if you work better in the evening and are not much of a drinker, do your work when you've had enough fun in the sun.
  • Before you leave, let clients know that you will have limited availability while you are away and that you will be checking your email/social media.
  • Schedule all of your social media posts before you leave and/or hire someone to post/watch social media.
  • If you are traveling with someone else, make sure they are aware that you also have to do some work. Tip: If they are a napper use that time to do your work.
  • Make sure that when you are not working you have your Wi-Fi or data on your phone turned off so you can actually relax and not check emails while snapping pictures.
  • Try to check your email once a day, or only open the emails marked urgent.
  • Make a to-do list of things that must get done and how long you think they will take. When your list is done or when the time is ready to stop what you are doing and pick it up the next day.

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Don't Feel Guilty!

You can take a workation almost anywhere in the world. It's nothing to feel guilty about, but you need to remember to disconnect from work and enjoy your time off work. Heading to a conference is another type of workation that a lot of people like to take. It's especially sweet if the conference is in a location that allows you to relax, sightsee and have fun! If you have some friends from work who share the same work and life passion as you, bring them along!

All of us are human and deserve a break (even once in a while). Why not take your work on the road and enjoy the remarkable stuff the world has to offer?

Blair Kaplan
Jan 13, 2015
From the Custom Fit Online team

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