Kathy Barnett Whistler Leadership Luncheon 2014

Kathy Barnett Luncheon

Empowering for Change

This year's Kathy Barnett Leadership Luncheon inspired its attendees to follow their hearts and passions to make the world a better place. Friday's luncheon theme was "Empowering for Change" with the guest speaker, Theresa Laurico, being the heart of the conversation. The Kathy Barnett Leadership Luncheon has raised over $65,000 for the Kathy Barnett Memorial Fund over the years, which supports women in the community.

SocialLIGHT redefines Socialite

Laurico is the founder (and producer) of the annual SociaLIGHT Conference. She shared how she had a traditional job in the media and made the transition to social entrepreneur. Her story inspired us all. She started SocialLIGHT because she realized that she wanted to do more for this world so she left her media career and started her enterprise. Her charismatic presence filled the room as she proudly shared her message to "follow your heart and make a difference." Her presentation showed us that there are many people out there who think this same way and she is a key leader in bringing like-minded people together.

Resources for Entrepreneurs

If you have an idea, you can make it happen and there are resources, like SocialLIGHT, that will help you. This can be a business idea, an idea to implement an initiative in the workplace or even something in you personal life. It is possible to make the world a better place and Laurico created these events that gives us the tools to help us do that.

SocialLIGHT's Facebook Page's description about them says:

Whether you're an entrepreneur, community leader, or someone with a dream, this conference was created for YOU.

The SociaLIGHT brand aims to redefine what it means to be a "socialite." Socia"LIGHT" is also an acronym that stands for: L.eader I.mpacting G.lobal H.umanity T.oday.

People Planet Profit

Kathy Barnett Whistler Leadership Luncheon 2014

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SociaLIGHT Inc. creates a variety of events and products by aggregating top resources, partners and content for entrepreneurial, startup, and innovation success. We emphasize "People. Planet. Profit." leadership and global solutions sourced from your passion. SociaLIGHT brings together a world class community and tribe committed to positive systemic impact.

The annual renown SociaLIGHT Conference celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week, and has over 1000 dynamic leaders, young professionals, & entrepreneurs, 40 top business organizations and speakers for your inspiration and ongoing success."

Luncheon Supports Kathy Barnett Memorial Fund

Each year this luncheon provides the community an inspiring leader to share their story while raising funds. Over the years, the luncheon has raised over $65,000 for the Kathy Barnett Memorial Fund, which supports women in the community with educational grants. This is an annual event that happens on or around International Women's Day and leaves attendees inspired to make a difference in the world.

Blair Kaplan
Mar 10, 2014
From the Custom Fit Online team

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