The Benefits of Tea and How to Make the Best Pot

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If you've been following this here blog (which you should be!) then you'll have noticed the trend in articles we publish: they are all about making your business work better. Whether it is helping you understand the four C's of marketing, demonstrating how to satisfy your customers with product features, or learning how to properly network, The Web Advisor (this blog) is dedicated to helping you kick butt in web marketing and brand building.

But what about you? Yes, you? We rarely cover personal well being here on The Web Advisor, even though it is of the utmost importance: how can your business be in the best shape possible if you aren't performing at your best? My own personal tip to wellness… is tea.

Learn the Benefits of Tea and How to Make the Best Post

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I am much more of a fan of tea than of coffee; there is nothing like getting the day started on the right foot with a hot cup of white tea. And when 3:00 pm rolls around and you need that second wind, a pot of something black can be just what is needed! Before diving into how to make the perfect pot or cup of team, let's take a look at some of the benefits.

The benefits of drinking tea

Tea has many health benefits: it can act as either a relaxant or a stimulant that can help you slip into a desired work (or non-work) mode, but it also has many positive effects on your body. The American Cancer Society even notes green tea can be a preventative of cancer. Green tea has also shown to significantly lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases ( source.) That sounds worth investigating.

What about brain power? Yep, it's covered too. According to Tea Class, drinking tea can "actually counteract the extreme highs and jitteriness that can result from excessive caffeine intake."

Drinking tea can "boosts alpha wave activity in our brains, which promotes a state of relaxed concentration. Think 'quiet alertness.'"

That all sounds fantastic, does it not? Now that you've been convinced, let's see how to get the most out of your "tea experience."

How to make the perfect pot / cup of tea

  1. Fresh water: Far too many times have I seen people recycle water or use something that has been collecting dust on the stove. Use fresh water, and bring it to a boil.
  2. Heat your mug: Nobody enjoys holding a frozen mug. Once your water has boiled, pour a tad into your cup or mug and swirl it around. This is to warm it up.
  3. Milk first: Yes, milk should actually be the first thing in your mug. By pouring the milk first, you can precisely gauge how much milk you want in your tea; the reverse is not so easy. The milk-first method will also allow you to 
  4. Let the tea be: I know you are excited to drink your tea, but a pot that hasn't had the time to properly infuse will simply be a letdown. Let it steep 3 - 5 minutes (depending on the tea variety, water amount, and water temperature) while swirling it around with a teaspoon.
  5. Choose your colour: Once you have found a colour of tea you are satisfied with, remove the teabag / tea leaves and enjoy a perfect cup of tea to help motivate -- or relax you.

Tea Colours

It's my personal preference to use loose-leaf tea instead of bags. Is the quality any better? Not really. Purists will say it is, but really it comes down to preference: if you can get a good quality tea that comes in the option of a bag or loose-leaf, choose whichever you'll feel best about.

How do you like your tea?

I prefer my tea with as little in it as possible. What about you? I hope this has been an enlightening -- or at least fun, if not ridiculous! -- article. We'll be back next week to the real meaty online marketing articles, but in the meantime… why not make some tea and enjoy the day!

Ben Groulx
Feb 28, 2014
From the Custom Fit Online team

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