The Best Ways to Procrastinate

Best Ways to Procrastanate

Procrastination is something that visits almost everyone. Most people have ambitious goals to accomplish a task by a certain deadline and not feel rushed while completing it. However, sometimes we end up having to complete this task last minute and this causes stress. Well, if you are going to procrastinate you may as well choose a fantastic thing to do while you are not working! I have mastered the procrastination-organized human balance; here are my favourite things that are suggested for you to do while you, too, are procrastinating.

Top 4 Ways to Procrastinate in 2015


Which is more fun: sitting in front of your computer hammering out work or going on an adventure? Clearly, the answer is adventure and if you have time to spare before your deadline why not pick a spot to travel to for a few days? You may want to go somewhere to work on your tan or something in the wilderness like camping or a hike. You may even want to travel to see family or friends! It doesn't matter where you go but this is a great way to recharge your battery and fire up your mind to finish up your project/task.

Music Festivals

There is nothing better than losing yourself in the music, outdoors, surrounded by people gyrating to the beat of an awesome song. Most music festivals average 1 to 3 days and for most of them you can choose where you stay (hotel, villa, camping, etc…). In almost every state and province in North America there is a festival of some sort that has music, art and a whole lotta fun.

Pick Up a Book

Your eyes need a digital break. Reading a book allows you to go into your imagination and rest your eyes from being in front of a screen. This doesn't require much money and can be done from the comfort of your own home. Feeling lazy and don't want to use your eyes? Try and audio book! 

Go to a Conference (this is "half-work")

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Any excuse to have a working vacation is a good excuse. Why not find an awesome conference in a cool location with inspirational seminars and speakers? If you are lucky there will be a few people you know who also want to go to this conference. This is an ideal solution for those of you who feel guilty for not working when you should be working, especially when a deadline is looming. Conferences usually have fun social events and allows you to mingle with like-minded folks. Mashable is a great place to see what social media conferences are going on! 

If you are going to procrastinate you may as well make some awesome memories while doing it. These tips are not suggested to begin the night before a deadline and you are advised to procrastinate with caution. All of the above options are fun but can cost money so play within your means. 2015 is going to be full of learning, adventure and success and if you can master those three things while still making your deadlines, you are almost guaranteed to have an awesome year!

Blair Kaplan
Dec 30, 2014
From the Custom Fit Online team

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