Set Your Social Media Goals

The Custom Fit Online Facebook page hit 500 likes earlier this week. It is not a particularly a large or impressive number, but it is a number we have worked hard to achieve.

Social media can be a great tool for lead generation, and ultimately increasing profit. 

Set Your Social Media Goals

Hit the Goal - Time to Set a New One

It can also be a highly effective communication tool, or a way to measure traction. How you use your social channels is entirely dependant on your business goals. One of our goals was hitting 500 -- a small goal, part of our long-term plan we have devised for our business -- and now that we have reached it, it is time to reevaluate and set the next target.

We Put Meaning in the Numbers

However, this number is not the important thing that matters; it is not the number itself that contains power. What does this milestone mean? Nothing, really. Only what we assign to it. We chose to give this number power, we chose to reach for it. We worked on it, learned when things were not working, adapted to make progress, and eventually we got there. But this number, well, it's arbitrary. Sure, a higher number means a larger platform to broadcast ideas and updates to like-minded individuals, and yes, a higher number means access to a greater pool of potential future clients and partners. But the truly wonderful thing about watching this number rise is that it correlates to our business endeavours. We see the connection between the quality of work we are putting out and the reaction we get from the community. The wheels are slowly rolling faster and things are picking up.

It's About Learning, Adapting and Growing

Set Your Social Media Goals for Success on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other channels!

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We are always learning, always adapting, always growing. We have many clients currently who we love working with. Each and every one of them are unique and pose different challenges that we tackle head first. Helping them achieve their goals is rewarding, exciting, and fun. This fall is going to be a very busy one, with many great things coming. We thank you all for supporting this company and our endeavours, and for following along this ride.

(Oh, and you can join us on Facebook at fb.com/CustomFitOnline.)

Ben Groulx
Sep 17, 2013
From the Custom Fit Online team

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