Changing Education Paradigms

Education Revolution

About two years ago, I fell in love with the idea of furthering education as a whole; I love public education, I absolutely believe in its potency to foster intelligence and creativity. But it is not -- at least how I experienced it -- being used to a standard that is good enough anymore. Sir Ken Robinson, a world-renowned education and creativity expert, has spoken time after time on the importance of an "education revolution," where the education system is reworked to benefit every child, regardless of their interests or learning abilities. His videos, or at least the video about or featuring him, have sparked something within me, an idea, an inspiration. Now, weekly, almost like clockwork, I will watch a video from Sir Ken Robinson or do some research into the state of the many education systems of the world.

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Changing Education Paradigms

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I would love to discuss education further, and I will, but it is a topic that merits many words. For now, introduce yourself too (video below) to the idea that the current education system is fundamentally flawed and is not an environment for optimally fostering learning anymore. Let that idea settle for a moment, and we'll continue talking about education at a later date.

What did you think of the introduction of Sir Ken Robinson's ideas on education? Let's get a discussion going about this, head on over to Facebook or Twitter, or leave a comment down below.

Ben Groulx
Aug 02, 2013
From the Custom Fit Online team

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