Why No Recent Blog Posts? Are We Slackers? No! No! No!

Are We Slackers? Out of Business? Or Dead?

If you visit our website often you may have noticed that we aren't keeping up with our blog posts. Why? Are we slackers? Are we going out of business? Are we dead? No! No! And No! So why... oh why... haven't we been blogging?

We've Got Something New and Improved Arriving Soon!

We've working on our new website and we've devoted all of our spare time, in between our client projects, on the design and development of our very own product. The new site is a completely redesigned, responsive site.  We've been building responsive design websites for our clients for almost a year now and we felt it was time to walk the walk and (finally) build our own.

We'll Be Blogging Again Like Crazy in Couple Weeks or So

So please come back soon.  We'll be back with a new website and a whole bunch of new blog posts too! In the mean time here is a screen shot of a prototype of the new site...

New customfitonline.com

Roy McClean
Nov 20, 2013
By Roy McClean

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