How to Ban Facebook Page Spammers

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If you are a manager of a Facebook page, regardless of whether it is for your local business or a fan page, you will no doubt at some point notice spam finding its way on to your page's timeline. It might be posts on male enhancement pills, crazy new diet fads, or that "One weird trick that works every time!" or maybe posts from another business looking for publicity: in either case, it is abusive content that does not belong on your page and you want it removed. Well, the good news is removing this content is not difficult at all.

Remove the Content

If you have received a comment or post on your page about and is a one-time thing, you may simply want to delete that post. As manager of your page, you can have totalitarian control over what can be shown on your page. Simply hover over the person's post and click the ×. By default, the comment will still be visible, but only to the person who posted it and their group of friends. Perhaps this limited visibility may be all you need? If not, you will want to ban them, and if they are especially annoying, report them.

Ban/Report the Spammer's Account

How to Ban Facebook Page Spammers

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Deleting Facebook spam

If you are noticing recurring spam on your timeline, or spam the same source, o something particularly offensive, you may wish to completely ban that user from posting to your page.

Great news: it's only a two-click process. From a post or comment on your page's timeline, hover over the content you want to ban and click ×, then select Delete or Ban [user name].

You can also Report/mark as spam, where the offender's account will be placed on a Facebook review list. And that's really all there is to it!

Ben Groulx
Oct 02, 2013
From the Custom Fit Online team

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