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As a designer, at times coming up with a new, refreshing idea can be difficult for me. And I'm sure that goes for every other person in the creative fields. We live in a culture where we are constantly being bombarded with images, messages, and notions that may make it challenging to absorb any of it. But we still push on, and somehow we make new ideas come to life.

Online Findings

There are a number of ways in which we can discover new ideas. On such way is seeing what others have done. There are too many a great number of blogs out there devoted only to pushing out the newest, coolest products. I personally have several online places I check regularly; it is interesting to see not the work itself, but the thought process behind the creation.

Inspire - The Industry

The Industry is an independent news entity that strives to be a positive force in the web community. The content is produced by a team of designers and writers that are dedicated to sharing quality news with their readers. Founded in November of 2011, their goal is to shed light on those overlooked by the mainstream media

Inspire - Great Discontent

The Great Discontent is a journal of interviews focusing on creativity, risk, and what connects us as artists.

Inspire - Graphic Exchange

Graphic Exchange is the "place to show a selection of the projects and images that [Fabien Barral] admires and inspires him."

Inspire - September Industry

September Industry is an online design journal/resource that showcases the very best in international graphic design and communication and everything in between every week.

Inspire - Identity Designed

Identity Designed features projects from around the world of brand identity design and the process that goes into the work.

Inspiration Is Everywhere

As great as looking at what others have done, it is very easy to start replicating as opposed to genuinely creating. Inspire yourself by alternate means as well!

Books still exist. It is easy to get sucked into only using blogs to find interesting things. The difference between the two is books have been curated, while the internet has been collected. Curations narrow in and provide insight, while collections expand out.

Express all possible routes. There is a reason we brainstorm! Even if you find what you believe to be a poor idea, explore it. Often times it can develop into something beautiful.

Learn how to Discover Design Inspiration!

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Surround yourself. By putting yourself in the things you love, you may find ideas are simply. You'll be happier and will let ideas sweep over you.

Be prepared! Ideas can occur instantly, or may take great lengths of mulling it over. When it does happen, be sure to have a pen and paper close by for when an idea strikes.

Coming up with inspiration can be difficult at times, but it is a hurdle every creative needs to overpass. We all need to occasionally relight that little ball of fire within us... So let us know, what inspires you?

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Ben Groulx
Jun 01, 2012
From the Custom Fit Online team

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