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Tourism PembertonCustom Fit recently launched a redesign for Tourism Pemberton. The old site was built on a content management system (CMS) which allowed for an efficient design 'retrofit'. Working with a CMS can sometimes take more work setting up initially vs. a non-CMS website. But the benefits quickly outweigh the up-front work required to develop a CMS correctly.

Why a Well Built Content Management System Helps Design

Well built website content management systems are typically built with three 'silos'.

  1. GRAPHICAL INTERFACE which includes website templates and the style sheets that control the look and layout of the design.
  2. FUNCTIONAL PROGRAMMING which refers to the coding that influences the functional parts of the website like the drop-down navigation, blog, events calendar, video & photo galleries, etc.
  3. CONTENT which includes text, images, documents (like PDF files) and rich media files (like videos).

Making a Website "Re-Design" a SNAP!

The Tourism Pemberton website is built on the open-source Umbraco content management system so to refurbish the new website we spent most of our time in the GRAPHICAL INTERFACE silo. We designed the new files in PhotoShop, then cut up the digital templates into website HTML language, applied some website stylesheet work and voila.... a 'new' site was born.

Refurbishing the Tourism Pemberton website allowed us to complete the job in far less time than it would take to build a new site from scratch!

Tourism Pemberton Website Before and After

Check out Tourism Pemberton new (2012) Website!

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Of course, we did tweak the design in the FUNCTIONAL PROGRAMMING portion of the website a bit because our present programming is more efficient and works faster than the coding the older site was using. But this wasn't too difficult as all of the coding we use is 'modular-driven' so we can 'plug & play' much of this work. For example, the programming for the new blog was made simply by pasting in new programming files over the existing coding.

We hope you like the new Tourism Pemberton website. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about it please feel free to leave them below!

Roy McClean
May 13, 2012
By Roy McClean

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