What is Website Optimization?

Website Optimization Series Part 1 - So What is Website Optimization?

Website Optimization

Depends who you ask. Here are some different options:

  • To some it means optimizing your Website's content and coding to rank well in Search Engines.
  • To others it may mean organizing your navigation, content or products to increase online sales.
  • And to some it may mean optimizing your site's images, server hardware, and hosting configuration to maximize page load times and the user experience.

To me it means all of the above. Website optimization as a whole is often overlooked in the Web community. Some companies just focus their attention and efforts in one or two of these three critical areas. Some don't focus on any of them or are unaware of the importance of Website optimization. And finally there are those who have or still believe it is unnecessary.

What is Website Optimization? Read this to find out!

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Smoke & Mirror Tactics? Hardly!

Over the years, the term "website optimization" has received some criticism. To legitimate companies offering optimization services, it was suggested that such services were unnecessary and were based on "smoke and mirror" tactics. We've all seen the unsolicited emails in our inbox from companies making promises like "Rank #1 in Google!" or "Increase your sales 300%!" through various types of "optimizations". Many of these companies used automated tools that achieved little to no results, and businesses became victims of these scams, leading to the tarnished reputation of Website optimization services.

But Choose Your Optimization Company Wisely

Fortunately there are companies out there who guarantee their work and get real results for their clients. A reputable Website optimization company will treat your Website as if it were their own and will measure the successes accordingly. Be mindful of the Promise and the Guarantee of the company you choose to work with.

In Part 2 of our optimization series you will learn about optimizing your Website for Search Engines.

Need Some More Details About Website Optimization?

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Robert Valcourt
Mar 14, 2012
By Robert Valcourt

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