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The Web has changed and so has the habits of those who use it. People want to stay connected on the move and are using more and more mobile devices to do so. We are no longer bound to the desktop PC at home to access the information we need. Access to the Internet has expanded dramatically via smartphones, laptops, and even tablets.

Smartphones... Game Changing Devices

No single device has had more impact to the portability of the web than the smartphone. On a daily basis, it serves millions of users who need their email, surfing and gaming needs away from home.

Time to Think MOBILE Web. How Mobile Sites and Apps fit in!

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Start Thinking About the Mobile Web

So why do you need a mobile Website? Most of these smartphones have small screens that make viewing desktop class Websites difficult. Some smartphone also have limited support when it comes to viewing rich content like Flash. Finally, smartphone users often have a limited amount of bandwidth and are subject to high fees if they exceed their monthly limits. Downloading the home page of an average desktop class Website alone can account for 2% or more of a user's monthly quota.

It is for these reasons that we develop specialized mobile sites for these devices. Mobile Websites are lean on bandwidth-hungry elements like images and scripts and are. The design and layout of the content is optimized for the small screens of smartphones. You can install your mobile Website alongside your primary Website. Scripts are added to the primary Website which detect if a user is visiting from a mobile device, and a redirect takes place.

So What is a Mobile App?

Mobile Apps are programs that are downloaded directly to the smartphone from the manufacturer or OS provider. Two common app providers are Apple and Google which distribute apps to iOS and Android devices respectively.

Mobile apps often offer different functionality than that of a mobile Website. While gaming apps currently dominate the market, there are many productivity apps availability that can help in everyday needs. For example, financial institutions, media networks, and sports authorities often offer mobile apps to interface with their services.

If your business offers products or services that would benefit from a mobile app, they can be useful tools to aid in online presence or user interaction.

Need Some Good Mobile App Advise?

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Robert Valcourt
Mar 13, 2012
By Robert Valcourt

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