TN3 Gallery - jQuery and WordPress Image Gallery

A client recently asked us to replace their Flash powered Website photo gallery. They serve a large audience of mobile users and they needed a non-Flash based photo gallery to satisfy iOS users. After researching available options, I came across TN3 Gallery.

TN3 Gallery - jQuery and WordPress Image Gallery

What is TN3 Gallery?

TN3 Gallery is a jQuery powered full fledged HTML based customizable image gallery with slideshow, transitions and multiple album options. With TN3 gallery you can easily create amazing photo galleries and slideshows.

Installation was fast & easy, and was a perfect match to their Umbraco CMS. A Wordpress version of TN3 Gallery is also available. Similar to their previous gallery engine - Slideshow Pro, TN3 gallery supports multiple gallery, transition effects, automatic image cropping and more. It even has a similar layout, however multiple skins are available to truly customize its appearance.

TN3 Gallery basically presents two versions of jQuery Image Sliders. One is the free Lite version which gives you the basic functionalities of jQuery image galleries and the other is the paid and professional version, Pro with extended features. Both of these versions are fully compatible with all types of modern desktop as well as mobile browsers.

TN3 Gallery Features

Flickr, Facebook & Picasa support
Pull images directly from Flickr, your Facebook public images or Picasa Web and display them organized in albums and galleries. The jQuery version can also display videos that are included in a Flickr or Picasa feed.

Dynamic image sizing
Crop and center images on the fly to ensure a consistent presentation, regardless of the image source. Images can be scaled automatically and set to a maximum scale to ensure that there's no loss of quality.

WordPress image upload
Simply drag and drop individual or bulk images to upload them, without the need for FTP Screenshot?

Add captions and links to images
An unlimited number of fields can be added for each image such as title, description, author, copyright notice or anything else. You can also assign a URL link to each image.
  Multiple galleries
Set up multiple galleries on a single web page. Each gallery can be skinned differently, if you wish.

Custom sized image copies
The WordPress version automatically create copies of images at custom sizes, as they are uploaded, for optimal image delivery and minimal bandwidth consumption.

Drag 'n' drop organization
Reorder images and albums in TN3 WordPress using the intuitive drag 'n' drop ordering feature. Screenshot?

Divide images into albums and galleries
The same images can be reused across multiple galleries and albums. You can even reuse an entire album in multiple galleries without uploading the same content. Galleries can also be created containing groups of albums.

TN3 Gallery

TN3 Gallery - jQuery and WordPress Image Gallery

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What About Mobile Users?

While TN3 gallery will render fine on all mobile devices, it (at the moment) lacks touch/swipe support. After a quick chat with their support team, I learned that this feature is due in the coming weeks.

Robert Valcourt
Nov 23, 2012
By Robert Valcourt

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