10 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

Everybody knows how to copy and paste, but there are lots of other powerful shortcuts on the Mac that can help speed up your workflow.

Apple Keyboard Shortcuts Quicklook

Quicklook – Spacebar (or Command + Y)

Save some load time when looking through images by using Quick Look. Select an image file and hit Spacebar or Command + Y to get a quick full-size preview of the image.

Duplicate File or Folder – Click + Option + Drag

This one is a serious timesaver if you have to duplicate lots of files or folders. Click on the file you want to duplicate, hold down the Option button and drag the file away. You can do this with multiple files at once and drag from one folder to another.

Create a New Folder – Command + Shift + N

Keep your desktop organized with folders. Everything on a Mac is organised into folders, so if you like to be organized you may be using this shortcut a lot.

Mac Keyboard Screenshot Shortcut

Screenshot Full Screen – Command + Shift + 3

This combination will take a screenshot of your entire screen and save to your desktop.

Screenshot Specific Area – Command + Shift + 4

This shortcut is a more precise screen grab, allowing you to select an area of the screen to capture. After you hit Cmd + Shift + 4, simply drag your mouse over the area you want to screenshot and let go. You can also hit Escape while dragging to cancel the screenshot.

Force Quit – Command + Option + Escape)

Sometimes things go wrong, and the only answer is a Force Quit. Cmd + Opt + Esc brings up a window displaying all running programs, and from there you can select one to Force Quit.

Mac Keyboard Reopen Tab Shortcut

Reopen the Quit Tab – Command + Shift + T

It can be easy to accidentally exit a webpage before you’re done with it, especially if you’re using lots of tabs. Well, don’t worry about trying to trace your steps, simply press Cmd + Shift + T and the most recently exited tab will pop up as if nothing happened.

Paste and Match Style – Command + Shift + V

This shortcut is perfect for bringing text into web browsers becauseit allows you to copy and paste something without its previous formatting. Paste and Match Style is a great shortcut to remember, especially if you regularly work in Chrome or Safari.

Put Display to Sleep – Shift + Control + Power (or Eject Button)

Immediately put your display to sleep with Shift + Control + Power (or Eject Button on old keyboards). This shortcut is extremely helpful if you use multiple displays.

Spotlight Search – Command + Spacebar

Need to get to a specific file quickly? Command + Spacebar opens up the spotlight search bar, which is a fast way to find the file or folder you’re looking for.

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Harlen Malkowich
Apr 04, 2019
By Harlen Malkowich

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